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March 27, 2015

Technical Difficulties

New computer died, old computer won't come up either.  Not sure when I'll be back.  Lost a whole bunch of pictures AGAIN....which can be recovered.  I backed them up on Sunday but the new stuff from this week will have to be recovered off Facebook and my camera.


  1. What a pain. I am having troubles with my emails at the moment. When they work they are fine, but when the don't, I hate PCs

    1. Well my friend Glenn got it back up and running again....not sure what the problem was but it came right back up when he plugged it in.

    2. Glad the problem was resolved so easily. It is a royal pain when a computer crashes and burns and takes everything with it. About 10 years ago I had my PC on me and lost email addresses, favorites lists and lots of files. Now we back everything up on an e-drive and we do that at least once weekly. Live and learn. :)

    3. Especially since this computer is TWO MONTHS OLD. And the first version of this quit on me after 23 days.