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April 20, 2017

Talbot's Point

Talbot's Point is a small bit of conservation land in E. Sandwich.  I grew up right down the street but rarely ever went there.  It kind of scared my parents, the thought of me wandering around in there.  And in the mid 80s there was this ridiculous rumour...which turned into hysteria....that there was a satanic cult practicing in the woods here and were sacrificing animals.  It reached it's crescendo on Halloween 1986.  Of course nothing happened, and it was just a bunch of kids out there partying and drawing pentagrams everywhere.  

Russell's not crazy about my solo adventures to the beaches and woods so I dragged him with me.

There are several trails that go down to the marshes, and some that hook up with the trails at the old bird farm.

Skunk cabbage.

Any time the trees would start to get green would be good.

Low tide.

This is the bridge that links the point with the bird farm conservation area.  There are no more birds there now.

Cranberry bog.

No idea what these were.

Widow makers

And new growth

When I was a kid I would walk these tracks, from across the street from my house and all the way down to the end of Old County Road.  Russell used to walk the tracks to E. Sandwich from where he lived at Town Neck, hunting for rabbits and birds.  

This is looking towards the east, where I lived.

I'm glad that it's finally getting nice enough that I can get back out to explore again.  It seemed like a very cold, long winter.

April 17, 2017

You Knew I Couldn't Stay Away....

Since my stitching projects are taking awhile, I needed an 'instant gratification' kit to knock together. This took about 3 days and is a fridge magnet which I gave to one of my friends.

So my cheapo diamond painted peacock is done and looks really pixelated. 

Turkeys in the neighbour's yard one morning.

I was killing some time downtown last week thing lead to another and I found myself at the salt marshes at low tide to look for more glass.  

I never actually stopped to look at this before.

Hard to get a good photo though.  It's a map of the glass factory.

You can see it much better in this map I have on my wall.

You can even see where the boardwalk is.  So all those marshes near where the factory was are loaded with glass.  

This was a little troubling....I find it hard to believe that live clams would intentionally beach themselves at low tide in the sun.  I couldn't tell if they were still alive but the tide was coming in and they'd be covered by water.  I really hope someone didn't dump them there cause they are undersized. What a horrible waste.

My third haul from that location.  Very pleased with everything.

Red.  OMG Red.

I gave up my spot to a couple of friends so that they can pick up where I left off and I hope they find some great treasures too!  Just waiting for warmer weather cause I AM going into that creek at low tide to see if there's anything left.

April 7, 2017

That Time I Found Sandwich Glass

I was checking out all the broken glass in the mud and was bummed out cause it looked like your regular, garden variety contemporary beer bottles. But then I spied a solid cylindrical clear piece sticking out of the mud.  I absolutely knew with a shadow of a doubt that it was Sandwich glass.  I was so stunned.  Then I took a closer look at the glass bits and realized that there was A LOT of Sandwich glass stuck in the mud.

I swooned when I picked up this cranberry piece.  It's as rare as red beach glass is and a total 'holy grail'.  This kind of stuff is better not worn down by the waves and sand.  Some pieces are slightly worn but most are in good shape considering they've been stuck in the mud since the mid 1800s.

I didn't pick up much of the clear unless it was super thick, meaning it would be old.  I couldn't believe the treasures I was finding.

I had a pocketful by the time I left.  

That's the piece that first caught my eye.  I found purple!

I have no idea what the top of this belonged to but it's very thick, heavy glass.

There's piece of slag in the back, next to some more green chunks.

One of the best hauls ever!  😍😍

This is glass slag which is also an amazing find!

The next day, I dragged Russell with me at low tide to go back and dig some more except I forgot my garden spade.  We found even more treasures!

I couldn't stop raving about this find.  Red is soooooo rare.

Russell found this one.  My friend Silvia said it looks like 2 hearts melting together.

Everyone knows I'm not a 'dig in the mud' kind of person but this was worth the filthy hands, shoes and clothes.  After we left this spot Russell showed me another one that he'll take me to dig at once we can get some decent boots and maybe hip waders.  It's very muddy and a very slippery walk out there....I wasn't about to attempt it yesterday although it was tempting to try.

There won't be any glass on this side though.