Mt. Rainier and Lenticular Clouds - Dec. 2008 copyright: JMM

January 27, 2018

South Cape Beach and a Special, Fuzzy Friend!

Recently we had the opportunity to spend the day with Russell's old dog, Shadow!  I'm not going to go into the circumstances and story of why we didn't have Shadow, and it doesn't matter now cause we will be able to see her more often.  She's about 14 or 15 now and just a sweetheart.  

We met to pick her up at 8:30 and had her till 3.  Russell was sooo happy to see her! It had been over 7 years.

We took her first to South Cape Beach in Mashpee for a little walk.  Russell took her to the marshes side and I was back and forth taking pics of the beach and them. 

There were a couple of backhoes moving sand around so access to the beach that day was prohibited. Which was fine cause the wind was very cold and I could tell there was no beach glass anyway.  South Cape Beach is in Mashpee, where Vineyard Sound meets Nantucket Sound.

I was fascinated by the rippling water in this giant puddle from the rain the night before.

We took her back to our house and introduced Sagan to her.  

Goodest boi!  He was totally fine and for the most part, they ignored each other all day unless he got to close to her and she'd growl.

It's not clear if she remembered him but she chose to lay right here in front of our chairs.  Her owner gave us a backpack of her stuff so I put out her blankie and toy.  She made herself right at home and mostly snoozed.

She helped herself to the water dish and she scarfed down her lunch and some treats.

Seeing him so happy being reunited with her was sooooo awesome!!!!  

So soft and sweet!

Here she is in my car trying to be coaxed out to go home.  hahaha
Can't wait to see her again!

January 20, 2018

Orleans, Part 2

This almost looked like a murmuration.  Saw it on the way to Nauset Beach.

I really wanted to get down on the beach but the storm chewed away the sand and stairs so it was all roped off.  I think I would've been able to get down, but getting back up to the parking lot was going to be problematic.  As you can see, the Atlantic is ice-free.  The breeze on this side was a bit warmer too.

I really do appreciate having a chauffeur who doesn't mind stopping every few hundred feet so I can get a pic!

Orleans Playhouse

Back downtown.

Orleans Pond

Orleans Waterfront Inn & Restaurant.  I have it on good authority that this place is haunted!

I've never eaten here, nor did we eat here the day we went, but I had to take a pic cause it's definitely an Orleans institution.  I just remember the radio ads from the 80s, "The double double, dragon dragon, inn inn.'  

Hope you enjoy my little tour of Orleans! 

January 18, 2018

Orleans, Part 1

The only two towns I had left to shoot pics of were Orleans and Mashpee.  We decided to take a drive to Orleans on one of the warm days following the storms and freezes.  Russell knows his way around from his years delivering for Coca Cola, and he took me all over the place so I could get my shots.  Our first stop was Skaket Beach on Cape Cod Bay.  Tons of ice chunks that I wasn't expecting.  I didn't realize that CCBay was frozen too.

I've seen pics on Facebook of people walking out on the ice but I wasn't about to take that kind of chance!

Then we went over to Rock Harbor, also on the Bay.

All those super heavy chunks of ice just deposited on top of the jetties.  

I have never seen anything like this in person till this trip and the earlier one to Scraggy Neck.  It's amazing to see.

Entrance to the Harbor.

This was one of two ships still in the water and now stuck in the ice.  I hope their hulls don't get crushed by the ice.

The Cape is picturesque no matter what time of year it is.