Mt. Rainier and Lenticular Clouds - Dec. 2008 copyright: JMM

July 3, 2018

First Six Months Gone Already

I swear I just put my decorations away and now it's less than six months till Christmas.  I really need time to slow down already.

It's hot and humid....typical New England summer weather which I really can't stand.  Little Shadow's still visiting us for a couple nights each week.  She's so silly.  Now she will actually demand we go to bed.  She will sit in front of us and pant really loud, then walk down the hall to the bedroom....come back a few minutes later and repeat this till we finally go to bed.  Even if it's 8:30.  She's so silly.

I saw a big coyote trotting down the street in broad daylight.  So I was happy to see this mom turkey and her babies have managed to avoid it.  

Reminded me of the beginning of 'The Partridge Family'.

Everyone's fave babby is 3 months old already and starting to smile and giggle a lot.  My daughter in law sends me pics and videos just about every day.  I always refer to him as a babby, not baby.  😍

This is another Russian bead embroidery that was a free gift with one of the kits I ordered.  Came with the little frame and a magnet for the back.  Knocked this off in an afternoon.

I was trying to replicate a San Francisco Victorian colour scheme and motif.  

My windchimes broke so I refashioned them on a piece of driftwood and added the mirrors. 

I love this Russian bead embroidery kit. 

It's hard to put down.

Craft table:  Cluttered but comfy.

Pretties in the backyard.

My mother in law gave me the green, blue and red floats.  Does she know me or what?  😊

Now if time could just slow down, that would be great.

July 1, 2018

Spur of the Moment Sunday

Russell's 'forced retirement' is making him crazy, sitting around the house so much.  I was outside doing a couple of chores last Sunday and he came outside and asked if I felt like taking a walk at the Canal.  Sure! Why not?  

We didn't go far cause he's still working up to it but it was a nice, short walk.

We didn't feel like going home just yet so we drove over to Sagamore Beach.  I didn't realize it was low tide till we crested this hill.

I was eager to get down on the beach and start looking for glass.

First piece I found.  Hello Beautiful!!!!  😍

I just love these.

I could've walked for hours looking for glass.

Russell was waiting patiently for me over at the trail in the dunes, so I didn't want to keep him too long, but I was very happy with my modest finds.

Any glass is a good glass day.