Mt. Rainier and Lenticular Clouds - Dec. 2008 copyright: JMM

September 29, 2014

Can't. Stop. Beachcombing.

This is seriously becoming an addiction which is escalating.  I was at my mom's one day and decided to stop at Boardwalk on the way home and take a few pics.  Oh who was I kidding....I was gonna beachcomb on Town Neck Beach to Old Harbour, and I knew it.

I had a vague inkling that it was going to be close to low tide.  Crossing the Boardwalk, I saw I was right.

The beach was empty as it was a cool, partly cloudy weekday, and there was a lot of beach to start combing.

Not too bad!

So many rocks.....further hurt the foot that I twisted walking on Scusset so I ended up foregoing the glass hunt and moved back up to the sand.

This was a very nice find.  Still not fully cooked but still cloudy.

Barge getting towed to the Canal to the west (behind me...I was walking east).

I got to the first breakwater at Old Harbor.  This is so unusual compared to the other jetties on the Bay side beaches.  More like Jersey barriers.

And looking over to the other one.  The few times I've been here, there was water separating the two and this was the first time I was going to get to walk over to it.  At least the tide doesn't come in quickly, like in the Bay of Fundy.

Looking back at the first breakwater.

The tide was so low that I could almost have waded across to the Spring Hill Beach side, but it would not have been a wise thing to do.  If I'd gotten stranded on that side I'd have been screwed big time.

Holy rock Batman!  That translucent green seaweed was all over the place and faking me out because I thought it was glass.

Cape Light and fall colours.

Looking back at the entrance to Old Harbor.

Mill Creek through the marshes

When I got back to the staircase that takes you to Boardwalk and the parking lot, I stopped to shoot the views east of me of the beach.

And marshes behind the dunes.

Town Neck Beach to the west.  Dune One is down there.

Back on Boardwalk to get to my car.

Marshes turning colour.

Couldn't resist an underside shot.

Then this happened when I stepped on what I thought was solid mud.  It was not.

Obligatory bridge shot.

The finds for the day.  Love that Pacman rock!

September 27, 2014

Hodge Podge

If the Farmer's Almanac is to be believed, we are in for another horrendous, snowy, cold, miserable winter in the Northeast.  I am doing whatever I can to eek out as much outdoor time while it's still sunny and warm before becoming a prisoner in my house for the winter months.  To that end, I've been spending at least an hour a day reading on the deck.  I brought my sidekicks out with me one afternoon.

I went to Mattapoisett to have lunch with my freshman year college roomie from St. Joe's, Ellen.  We haven't seen each other since 1984 and only recently reconnected via Facebook.  So great to catch up in person and she lives in New Bedford, so not that far at all!  Took some piccies on the main drag and we also went to Ned's Point Lighthouse and a small park in town.

A couple days later, Russell & I went for a walk on Scusset Beach.  It was high tide and the waves were even more choppy than the day I went by myself.  It was really breezy.

Again, I was hoping for a murmuration, but not this time.

High tide plus other people walking around meant only 1 teeny, tiny chip of white beach glass on this trip.

My sweetheart. *swoon*

Two days after that, I had to kill an hour so I went up to Butterflies of Cape Cod.  I thought the weather was perfect but the butterflies were not digging the cool, shady habitat and were reluctant to wake up and fly around.

Om nom nom nom

I am so totally dreading winter.....