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August 31, 2018

I'm back

Hi all!  Sorry for not visiting anyone's blogs the past two weeks but we were out of town visiting our grandbabies!  I will be catching up with stuff because I had a 'Pennsylvania Bucket List' and we managed to hit all of it which was awesome!  We had a blast.  

Just some highlights for now:

Raymondskill Falls, Pocono Mtns, PA

Bushkill Falls "The Niagara of Pennsylvania"

Hershey, PA.  This place is seriously like going through Willie Wonka's factory.

Thought it was important to visit Gettysburg at least once in our lives.

American kitsch at it's finest.  I cannot recommend Mister Ed's Elephant Museum & Candy Emporium enough.  Located in Orrtanna, PA, this is well worth a visit.  It's about 30 minutes due west of Gettysburg.  Full disclosure:  It's across the street from an old Mail Pouch Tobacco barn.  When I did google streetview of the barn, prior to our trip, I swung the camera around and saw this directly across the street and made a written note to be sure and stop here as well.  Easily one of the highlights of the entire trip.

Arriving to both boys wearing the 'My Nonna Loves Me' shirts I got them a month or so ago.

Val arrived in OH a few days before we did and she went home earlier too.

 Trip to Jungle Jim's

Brothers bonding in Olive Garden

Casi's 27th birthday

Lots and lots of cuddling with this precious nugget.

Huge and awesome indoor flea market next to the casino.

Me loving on Mark

GAH!  Cutest. Baby. EVER!!!!!!!

Girls day out, to Jungle Jim's and the casino.

I love it when the three of us go out!  Jeff & Russell babysat the boys at the apartment while we were out galavanting around.  When we got back, we all went out to dinner.

Babby Mark turned 5 months old.

Dale's cheeks are flushed cause he was sick.  We babysat both boys that afternoon so Casi & Jeff could finally have some alone time out of the house.

Mark had his very first cereal.

Grumpa loving on Mark.

The new Tappan Zee Bridge at sunset the day we drove back.

We were gone for 8 days and it was really great to get home even though we miss the kids like crazy!

August 26, 2018

Annual Trip to PTown, Part 2

No trip to Provincetown is complete with a stop at Shop Therapy.  But first we were on the hunt for some lunch.

This cracked us up.  What's more, they wanted $10 for him. 

More of the front of Shop Therapy

Every time I go to PTown I say I'm going to stop here before I leave. Every year I forget.  This year was no different.

We had lunch here at The Mayflower, which has been in PTown since the 1920s.  I remember being little and eating here.  I was terrified at the caricatures on the walls.  They truly scared me.  It wasn't until I was in my mid 20s that I would set foot inside this place to conquer my fear.  

They still creep me out. 

Happy hubby holding up a Cape Cod placemat. 

I have always loved these.  All the restaurants on the Cape had them 'back in the day'. 

Thought this was cool too.  It's a real working tide clock.

Before going inside Shop Therapy, I had to detour down the alley next to it cause it's just the coolest exhibit of art.  The pictures I have posted here are the G or PG rated ones.  Others are not suitable for work, and can be found on my Facebook page.

Anyways, I'm glad I didn't get in trouble for taking pics inside.  I can't resist.  I mean since I can't possibly afford ALL of it, I need pictures so that I can at least look at all that cool stuff!!  Oh, as a side note, the upstairs is all adult stuff, so it's 18 and older only.

I just want to LIVE here.  Everything is so neat!  I got Mark a blue tie dye romper.

If I had the room to display this, I would have bought one.  It's so pretty!!!!

Now there's a dream catcher!

Wanted all, purchased none.

I tried to capture the spinning with so-so results. 

We are hoping to go back up in the fall when it's less crowded.