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February 17, 2018

Puppers & Projects

I was not cut out for adulting.  It's really not working out for me at all. I'm just hoping that there's a light at the end of the tunnel, and that it's not a train.  Valentines Day was quiet.  It's been a fairly snow-free winter.  If we can get through this month, we'll be home free.  Yes we can get a blizzard in March but it won't last long.

We're still dog sitting from time to time which is awesome. Shadow is such a sweetheart.

But she doesn't like it when Sagan sniffs her and gets 'all up in her business' and she will bark and snap at him.

But we did have some really bad news about Sagan.  He was sick so we took him to the vet and tests showed a mass behind his stomach.  That was a very, very bad day.  They gave us some medicine for him and he's doing really well.  He'll be 13 next month and I will not put him through further tests and/or a biopsy, because surgery to remove it isn't an option.  Not at his age.  Just loving on him and making him comfortable.  You'd never know he had this tumour now that he's better.

We got her a bed.  Isn't she adorable?  She was watching Russell eat his salad and giving him the sad eyes.  

"But you has foods and I has NO foods."

I've saved some free cross stitch patterns so decided to tackle a couple.  I love how the Hogwarts crest came out. 

There's something about this design that really speaks to me.  This was a quick 3-day project.

Finally got around to mounting the wood burned Harry Potter signs to a piece of driftwood.  That'll go in the yard this spring, since we found out we can stay here again this coming year.  

This freakin metal Hogwarts train is gonna be the death of me.  I have about 12 pieces left to go.  The directions were pretty good at first but they seemed to slack off towards the end here.

 Another wind chime I did in a spiral circle. 

I had a dream that I went shopping at Five Below, so I decided to shopping at Five Below.  I love that store.  Way better than Dollar General.  I could buy the entire store but I didn't.  I was so excited to find this sparkly mermaid pillow that was multicoloured.  It's the prettiest one I've ever seen.  I tried to draw a heart on it to show the back side of the sequins.

It's not the best quality and it was $5, but I just can't resist a fringed purse.

My new fave animal is the possum.  I've been following some pages on Facebook and they are just the cutest things.  So I couldn't resist these plushies, which I named Sesame and Lucky, after my two faves. 

Because I'm a sucker for punishment, I got more metal kits.  These appear to be easier than the train. I probably should've started with the TARDIS before jumping in with both feet.

It should be noted that I have a fairly bad pain in my right thumb from stitching.  I hate to take a break from it but I may be forced to.  I hope things over the next week or so go ok cause I really and truly need a break.  I am mentally exhausted and emotionally drained.  

February 10, 2018

Late Afternoon in Sandwich

Dramatic skies and icy cold winds at the Canal.  Brrrrr!

Late afternoon at Town Neck Beach

I thought all the dark stuff was seaweed till I got up close.  Tens of thousands of dead mussels.  Probably scraped off the rocks by ice.  It was pretty sad.  

All clumped together.

Then we went to check out that old abandoned train car, now that all the grass and briars were dead.

There's a fence around it which I couldn't see the last time I was there.

We were chuckling at this crude ladder to get up and over.  Neither of us was about to try it out.

Boardwalk's now officially closed till it can be fixed.  I read that Barnstable County is going to send the minimum security jail inmates out to fix it, so that will be cool.  

We saw an otter playing in this creek but he was too fast for me to get a pic.

The marshes looked so cool with the dark sky and western sun.

Over to the mini golf which was closed.  And getting flooded from the high tide.

Then down 6A so I could get this pic from the bridge over the marshes.  Those are the spires of the old Doll Museum (now a private residence) and the First Church of Christ.

Our home town is picturesque no matter what the season!

February 6, 2018

Old Town Cemeteries

 We were in Sandwich the other day and had some time to kill between appointments so my trusty chauffeur took me around to take pics.  He is usually pretty creeped out by cemeteries but I love them, so I was surprised he said he'd take a walk through the super old one on Shawme Pond, where many of the town founding families are buried. 

Most of the graves date to the 1700s and 1800s.  The really old ones, from the late 1600s are worn too much to read.  The most recent year of death I saw was 1924.

Lichen and moss are doing a number on the fragile stones.

It was late afternoon and a perfect time to take a stroll.  So quiet.

First Church of Christ

Shawme Pond

The old stone art is beautiful.  Gravestone rubbings are illegal here.

This is at the Catholic cemetery, St. Peter's.  This section is called 'Crucifixion' and my dad, cousins, aunt and uncle are buried directly behind it. 

Every now and then you'll see these super sad children's stones.

I wonder what happened to her?

Looking at the Round Barn at Heritage Plantation.