Mt. Rainier and Lenticular Clouds - Dec. 2008 copyright: JMM

June 25, 2017

Finding Seaview Terrace

Continuing along Cliff Walk, I arrived at the Vanderbilt's Breakers mansion. 

This gate is sooooo cool.

I heard about this lock on a fence thing from France but I didn't realize they were doing it in Newport. It's supposed to be a symbol of love or something, as couples put their names on them.  

As I understand it, whatever preservation trust that now controls this still allows members of the Vanderbilts to occupy the top floor.  Journalist Anderson Cooper is Gloria Vanderbilt's son, but I don't know if he visits.

Then I arrived at Ruggles Street and exited the Cliff  Walk so that I could try and find #207.

The blocks are incredibly long because the properties are huge, and I soon realized there was no way I could possibly reach 207 on foot, so I started the approximate mile walk back to my car. 

Now I was super thirsty and couldn't wait to get my hands on the bottles of water I knew were in there.  It was starting to get a bit toasty in the warm midday sun.

Oh yeah....I saw tons of Stop signs that had 'Trump' spray painted on them.  Surprised this part of of town hasn't cleaned them off. 

That tree was HUGE.

Got to the car and pulled out my map and headed to 207 Ruggles Street.  Fortunately for me I had spent some time on the street view of Google Earth so I had a really good idea what to look for.  Seaview Terrace is a super private home.  Part of it was built in Washington DC, disassembled and moved to this property where it was joined to an existing building.  For awhile it was leased to Salve Regina College, but the lease terminated and now a descendant of the owners lives there.  However, you might know it as Collinwood Mansion, from the original 'Dark Shadows' show.  I was never a fan of the show but I always loved the opening credits showing the mansion and the crashing sea.  There is a fence and hedge all the way around and just a tiny opening in the bushes where you can jam your camera against the fence to get this shot.

It was time to head on home and I got hopelessly lost driving all around trying to find the way out.  I was starting to panic when I somehow found my way back to the main road out.  I was quite happy to see this sign!

I am planning to go back as I missed quite a few things!

June 23, 2017

Cliff Walk

Once again, I was really lucky to find parking at the entrance to the Cliff Walk.  Funny story though. The person I'd asked directions of earlier cautioned me to be back at my car before the time was up cause the cops issue parking tickets after a minute of expiring.  Well I get down there and I don't see any meters or anything else.  I assumed she must've been talking about the souvenir area which did have meters.  When I was walking back to my car after about an hour or so of checking out the area, I noticed a huge sign with an arrow, PAY HERE.  I was like, 'oh crap'.  I never saw it driving in.  I sped up, hoping my car was still there and it was....and NO TICKET!!!  Sorry 'bout that, Newport.  I'll pay next time!!!

Couldn't have asked for a better day.

Looking back up the steps

It was fairly easy to climb to those rocks, but I wasn't about to try it.

My friend Sheila pointed out that this looks like a giant paw print!

This Cliff Walk is amazing.  It's sooooo beautiful with the mansions on one side and the water on the other.

This illustrated sign makes me laugh, although my personal fave is the tsunami signs out west with the guy trying to climb up a cliff while being overtaken by a giant wave.

After a little bit, the first mansion came into view.  I didn't get the names...I only know The Breakers because the Vanderbilt family owns it.  There are a few that can be toured but I didn't stop to do the tours.

This one was badly run down and is probably vacant.  

I loved this one.  There are a few colleges in this part of town and they lease the huge houses and mansions for classrooms or administration.  I think this is one of those.  I love this house.  I would live there in a heart beat.  A whole wing just devoted to for our collections....a library.

No idea what it says inside.  

I loved the designs on this. Sort of reminds me of Swedish painted wood.

By this point I was starting to get super thirsty but I pressed on.  Trusty map in hand, I was trying to find one particular mansion that is very private and not open to the public.

June 21, 2017

Newport, RI: The Souvenir District & Waterfront

OK it's not really called 'The Souvenir District' but that's what it was.  Spring Street is pretty narrow, and cobblestone.  Again, I lucked out with parking, and bought myself about 45 minutes of time at the meter.  I meant to go in this store but I got distracted by their super friendly golden retriever. 

I got so distracted petting him/her that I didn't make it into the store!  

Hurdy Gurdy statue (of course Donovan's song popped into my head).


Very cool mural on the side of this pub.

"Pogy & Bass"....see what they did there?

This reminded me of Fan Tan Alley in Victoria.  I set up my shot and those people appeared.  I was so bummed but they actually make the pic look better.  

If I had more time on my parking meter I would've stopped in for a bite cause I was getting hungry.

I picked up my requisite souvenirs:  Fridge magnet, shot glass & post cards, and a map, and headed off to the Mansion District.