Mt. Rainier and Lenticular Clouds - Dec. 2008 copyright: JMM

August 31, 2012

Can't Make Just One

I just started making Beaded Driftwood Hangie Things (for lack of a better name).  The little one I posted a couple months ago was just a prototype of the larger sized ones I wanted to do.  

I have sooooo many leftover beads from prior projects and they have been accumulating by leaps and bounds over the years.  I call them my 'end of day' beads.  I decided to string them randomly for the hanger and the individual strands.  I also found a bunch of brass bells in my old tackle box that I bought in the 80s from Pier One in Hyannis and decided to use them for the large size hanging I did first.  

I was so excited to start this project that I failed to take my usual step by step photos.  But I started by measuring and drilling holes in the wood, then just started stringing the beads and ending them with bells on the bottom.  I also added 3 Chinese 'coins' on 3 of the strands.  

Here's the finished product.  This one is very heavy and I hope the pins and crimp beads hold.

Next I made a smaller one, since I still had tons of beads left.  Measured and drilled for the pins.

Putting the pins in for each strand and the hanger.

This one used the last 2 bells and a window crystal in the center.

Still have quite a few end of day beads left, so I need to go beachcombing for more driftwood!!!

August 28, 2012

Paint Chip Crafts, Happy Accidents and Glass Art

Pinterest strikes again.  Saw some pins for paint chip art and I decided I had to try it.  Paint chips are FREE.  You just go to your local Mallwart and Home Depot and grab a bunch of colours!!!  I made a card with some chip strips.  Incidentally, I've found that one chip goes a really long way, as I used them to punch circles and cut strips.  Very little of them went to waste.  I left the names and stock numbers on purpose.

This was really fun.  Just punched out and layered circles then stuck them on some white card stock.

Then I thought I'd try using a snow flake punch and then a circular punch together.  The results aren't what I was expecting but I was extremely excited to see what happened.  I started making a whole bunch of crescent moon snowflakes for future use.

I tried rubber stamping on these chip samples but I'm not good at rubber stamping at all.  There's either too much or not enough ink, and of course some of them got smudged.  These are supposed to be bookmarks.

Celestial themed card using the moon/flake in yellow.

And a birthday card for one of my friends.  I'm taking the chance that she doesn't read my blog.

One for Axe to go along with some stuff I got her from the Lizzie Borden House.

Finally found the right cord I needed without having to drive out to Michael's so I did a couple more jump ring bracelets.  Here's an example of my pain in the ass OCD where I had to separate all the beads out by colour.

Friendship bracelets were really popular back in my Deadhead days.  I remember a girl in my dorm was making them to sell at shows, when I was a senior at Emerson, so that was 1986.  I never learned how to make them though, and no one taught me.  When Diane and the kids were up in July, Maddie showed me how to make them, as they seem to be making a comeback.  This is my chevron-design fail.  I'm gonna master this, I swear it.  

It's amazing the amount of stuff I stockpiled to use in the future if I ever had the time, including glass chips unearthed in a box recently.  Now I have the time.  Layered multicolour, black, purple, cobalt and mirrors in this jar, covered the lid in blue fabric with a ribbon around the edge and button on the top.

This is a teeny tiny jar, filled with multicoloured chips, with fabric and button lid.

Loved this empty wine bottle shaped like a lighthouse.  I took the back label off, then filled it with sand, craft pebbles, a thin layer of quartz rocks, shells and craft beach glass.

It's a local wine, Truro Cranberry Red.  See the door under the label?

Glued chips all over this votive candle cup too.

August 26, 2012

When She Saw What She Had Done, She Gave Her Father Forty One

Mr. Borden was killed downstairs, and about an hour after his wife, Abby was killed.  However, the tour started on the ground floor and moved upwards.  This is Abby's room.  She was changing the linens on this bed when she was attacked.

And murdered right here.

Crime scene photo

Another crime scene photo

This is the dress that actress Elizabeth Montgomery wore in the 1975 movie, "The Legend of Lizzie Borden".

Looking downstairs

Lizzie is on the left.  I can't remember if that's her sister Emma on the right.

This sick little doll is in the curio cabinet in what was Lizzie's room.  By the way, this place is a Bed & Breakfast and you can stay overnight in any of these rooms.  I would never stay there.  I admit, I'm a chicken.  

Curio cabinet in Lizzie's room

Exquisite ribbon embroidery.

Small third floor bedroom.

Also on the third floor.  I was most uncomfortable up here, especially in the maid's room.

Looking down the back stairs.

Back hallway.  This was when my camera started to spazz out.


Looking down at the basement from the outside of the house.  

I hope you enjoyed this tour of the famous Borden home!

August 24, 2012

Lizzie Borden Took an Axe, Gave her Mother Forty Whacks....

This angle of the house disturbs me.  It's like that creepy house that exists in sinister dreams.  I was hoping to achieve this look when I shot it.

Part of Lizzie's alibi was that she was in the barn, eating pears, because it was such a hot day.

Those aren't orbs, but sunlight dots.

Lizzie also claimed that she had been ironing her hankies in another part of the house at the time of the murders.

Those are photos of the shattered skulls of Andrew and Abby Borden (behind glass in a cabinet).

Lizzie was afforded many privileges while in jail in neighbouring New Bedford, including her own chef.  The jury deliberated an hour and acquitted her.

The furniture, carpets and wallpaper are replica pieces.  They had to use the crime photos to establish patterns.  Andrew was killed on a couch much like this one.

A photo of 'the handleless hatchet' found in the basement.  Tests revealed it had rust and cow hair on it, but it was still considered the 'suspected' murder weapon but it was never confirmed.

Crime scene photo of Andrew Borden with his head and face shattered.

And Michelle re-enacts Andrew's pose, but for the cell phone in  her hand and dramatic hand-to-forehead.


The Borden Coat of Arms is a lion holding an axe.

Looking upstairs at the 2nd and 3rd stories.