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March 26, 2015

Treasures from the Sea!

Spring is making a valiant effort to assert itself in this region, so I couldn't help taking advantage of the nice weather yesterday and head down to Scusset Beach for low tide at 10:00 AM.  My hope was that very few people have been out to beachcomb so maybe I'd have some decent luck.  With no wind and warm sun, I soon got too hot in my winter jacket.

Well I think we've found all the missing sand from Town Neck Beach on the other side of the Canal....

Low tide is the best.  I walked slowly up and down the 'up and down' I mean from the tide line down to the sandbar, like a zig zag, from the parking lot path all the way to the breakwater.

This was my first wow-factor find of the day.  A yellow flat backed glass blobbie (like the kind you put in vases and stick on jars that light up.  Very nicely worn too.

And then......OHMYGOD!  A perfectly worn former-clear marble.  Could. Not. Believe it.  I'm always hopeful to find a marble, but they are exceedingly rare.  This is the second one I've ever found.

It's so beautiful that I'm thinking about having it set into a pendant somehow.

Found a few olivine coloured bits today, and beautiful cobalt  blue although I didn't take any pics of those.

Nice piece of green.

Are you kidding me?  ANOTHER flat backed glass blobbie?!?!?!?!  I know this one looks like a marble but it's not.  And the prettiest shade of blue-green.

Walked out on one of the bars.  Went pretty far out.

Not quite the length of the breakwater, but still pretty big.

Speaking of the breakwater, there is so much flotsam and jetsam stuck between the rocks.


Tons of wood

 A lot of people's walkways torn loose and tossed like so many matchsticks.

Looking across at Town Neck Beach...the large building is that Horizons restaurant I posted a pic of last week; the one that didn't card anyone.  A lot of the sand stripped from that beach is on Scusset now.  

Look at all that debris!

The beachcombing gods were very good to me!

Unusual stone with a hole.  The other stones are pretty too, esp. when wet.

An olivine piece shaped like California!

One of the best beachcombs since Glass Beach in the 90s!


  1. You certainly had a good haul. Knew the sand would turn up somewhere close by! What a lot of storm wrack.It was worth tiring your legs out I think.

    1. Oh it was totally worth the sore legs and back for those amazing treasures. Although I admit, I didn't return to the parking lot via the beach, I walked along the breakwater till I got to the back edge of the parking lot. It was much easier and faster than slogging across the sand. Usually I like to make a second pass on the way back in case I missed any glass but I was pretty happy with my finds.

  2. A nice haul, and suitable reward for being one of the early ones to check the beach. Thanks for sharing those pix, my favorite is the fence running vertically through the sand dunes. That jetty with all that debris looks like an obstacle course.

    1. Thank you! Yes I was very lucky yesterday. I'd like to think that the abundance of treasures was due to the icy cold weather. There were a few people out yesterday but no one seemed to be looking for glass. Also a guy with a metal detector.

  3. Wow, look at all that LOOT! And the best kind too :-)

  4. Wonderful finds JoJo! Good idea to get an early start to the hunt - obviously it paid off! Love the marble!

    1. Thanks Maureen! I'm dying to hit up my secret spot but it's a super private area and I know I'm gonna get kicked off one of these days. lol

  5. Looks like it was your lucky day. The storm washed up a lot of debris but also a number of hidden treasures just waiting for the perfect beachcomber.