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June 30, 2014

Drummer Boy Park, Brewster

Just a short ways east of the Museum of Natural History is Drummer Boy Park, where you can find the Higgins Windmill, Harris-Black House and Henry Hopkins Blacksmith Shop.  It appears that they are probably open on the weekends in the summer, but they were closed the day I went.

Blacksmith shop

I am going to guess that this is obsidian, although it's possible it could be some kind of coal byproduct.  It was very hard, sharp and shiny, and I can neither confirm nor deny that a small piece may have made it into my pocket.

Every now and then you will encounter a ginormous rock deposited by itself by a glacier in the last ice age.  Glaciers are why there are so many ponds on the Cape.

I peeked inside and it's set up with basic furniture of that period.  Literally one room, although it looked like there was a tiny water closet in one corner.

OK I'm veering a bit from the route I took because I want to devote a post to the grist mill.  I shot these next pictures on the way back to the highway.  This is Wayne's Antiques, and I am kinda glad it was closed because it looked fabulous and I don't need anymore tchotchkes.

I thought this was adorable.  I passed it on the way that morning and made a mental note to stop on the way back to the highway.

June 28, 2014

Museum of Natural History, Brewster

I next headed east along Rte 6A and stopped at the Museum of Natural History.  I didn't go inside, having spent my money at the Brewster Store.  But the nature trails were free so I took the opportunity to go for a nice walk.  

 The clam shell trail starts alongside the museum building and winds it's way out to the salt marshes.

This is an osprey nest with what looks to me to be a youngster.  There is a pole and camera next to the nest and you can watch it in real time online.

The trail across the marshes is comprised of wooden planks set side by side that are a little bouncy as you go across the spongy grasses.  I got halfway across and realized that I had not checked the tide table and I had no idea how flooded this marsh gets at high tide.  But I rolled the dice and kept going.

 The marsh trail ends at Wing's Island which was a very peaceful walk through the forest.

After I passed the Sachemas' calendar, I came upon another small trail map that indicated 'wooden stairs'. Yes, I had to see what that was all about so I pressed on.  I was surprised at how short of a walk it was going to be to the beach!  How could I resist a little beachcombing?!?!  

Parasailer out in the bay being towed by a boat.

What a cute and narrow little beach!!!!

I walked it in both directions, but there was absolutely zero glass.  Not even a chip!

I did see a dead horseshoe crab though.

This part of the Bay is a little marshy and sandy, so there's grass in the water.

Headed back

What a day!!!

I didn't take too many more pics on the way out, but this was really cute.

June 26, 2014

Brewster, MA

I continued to slowly reduce my local bucket list items by making the drive out to the town of Brewster, which is on the Bay side of the Cape, about 40 miles east of where I live, where I placed the X on the map. I took the highway down to Exit 10 because that was the fastest way.  I love the drive on 6A but that takes a lot longer.  Of course here in Massachusetts, the name of the town is pronounced 'Brewstah'.  ;-)

The main part of town lies along historic Rte. 6A, and once again, it's one of those places that I've driven through (mostly on the highway), but never bothered to stop.  It's a beautiful town and I'm really glad I went to finally explore!  I was only there for maybe 3 hours tops, but I shot a whole bunch of pictures because everything was worth shooting.  I also got in a fantastic hike across the marshes and out to the beach behind the Museum of Natural History.

So I begin where I parked my car, which was at the Brewster Store on 6A.

This place is a wonderful throwback to another place in time.  Wooden floors, penny candy, trinkets, foodstuffs, supplies for oil name it and I'm pretty sure they will have it.  

Of course I got some postcards, a fridge magnet and a couple of other cute thingies, including this beautiful etched world marble.

(easier to see against the blue glass)

 Captain Freeman Inn, behind the store.

Ancient burial ground behind the Brewster Meeting House.

The 1700 isn't the street number, that's the year it was established.

These old stones have gorgeous carvings on them.

Some are so old, worn and crumbling that they can no longer be read and require frames.

Brewster Meeting House Unitarian Church, established 1700.

These old churches are huge.

Next door to the church

Wobbly Barn Gallery

Behind the barn

Another view of the chowdah house

Can't say I've seen pansies this colour before!

Love these old homes on 6A!

Next stop, Museum of Natural History.