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October 31, 2013

The Pumpkin and the Lighthouse

Happy Halloween!!!!!

This is that rhinestone pumpkin that I featured a week or so ago.  I decided to salvage it when I ran out of the rhinestones, so I cut a section out of the blank side and made a little scene.

I covered the piece I sliced out in black fabric and painted orange glitter paint over it.  It fit nicely into the hollow center.  I covered the inside with spray adhesive and stuffed the fabric in.  It's not perfect, but I actually like the rumpled way it looks.  I also glued silver stars onto it.  I put the floor in and glued it in place, then I put a layer of orange glitter glass chips all around it.  Next, I got a few twigs from outside and glued those in the back.  Then I made a pointy fence out of toothpicks painted black.  Added the moon to it too.

I have quite a few Halloween and fall themed resin figurines, and I loved how this one looked the best of all of them.  I glued it in and then surrounded it with the orange glass chips too.

I really need to add some trim or some kind of edging to it but I have misplaced my lace at the mo.

I got this blue metal and glass lighthouse thing from a thrift shop and knew exactly what I was gonna do to it. First I etched shells on either side and a sunset/water scene on the back. 

I had to go to the beach to get the stones because I didn't have enough of the right size in my own stash.  I painted them with clear nail polish to make them look wet.  I glued some along the back then glued the wooden lighthouse inside, and then just glue a layer or so of rocks around it.

Then I put slanted layers of light and dark blue and white craft glass against the rocks and lighthouse to look like water and waves

Have a great and safe Halloween everyone!

October 30, 2013

The Prettiest Tree in the Neighbourhood

There is the most magnificent maple tree across the street from our house.  As I write this, it's still ablaze in fiery reds and oranges, but missing a great deal of leaves.  I suspect it will be almost bare by the time this post is published.

It's freakin HUGE.

The colour palette of this tree is incredible.

And it was still green when I shot these!

This is an oak in my yard which looks pretty in the sun.  It doesn't cycle through all the shades from green to red like the maples, it just goes from green to red.

Also in the yard

I tried this project of sticking leaves to a candle cup and used spray adhesive instead of the paper mache' glue that is recommended.  I was an idiot and sprayed the glass instead of the leaves so I had to use a Q-tip dipped in Goo Gone to remove the sticky mess from the glass.  Then I painted Mod Podge over the top of the leaves.  So far it's holding up OK and staying preserved, but the individual leaves I tried to preserve in contact paper and with Mod Podge all turned brown anyway. 

October 29, 2013

Chatham, Part 3

After I left the beach area, I went back into town.  Beautiful tree!

There are concerts here in the summer.

So cute!


So true!

I hope you enjoyed this tour of scenic Chatham, MA!