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June 30, 2013

Furkids Update

I worked on another Project Book item:  Adding beads to a doggie bandanna.  Actually the instructions were for how to make the bandanna too but I already had some.  I didn't want to go too crazy with the beading, so I just added some edging on the front point and a couple of details on the bandanna itself.

Unimpressed dog is unimpressed.

Feeling emasculated by the flowers.  But the dark blue one I put on Pepper wouldn't have shown up as well on Sagan's dark coat!

Leaving pupkiss on the window as he surveys his domain.  My spring cleaning efforts were in vain.

Beanie is using the couch more these days too.  It should be noted that I never get to use it.  Ever.


Watching me watch 'Made in Canada'.

This one had me in stitches.  Pepper got up on the couch and laid halfway on Sagan, in a ploy to make him move so that she could have the whole couch to herself.  As soon as I snapped this, he hopped off and laid on the floor and Princess P stretched out.  This is the first time she's ever done that.  I have a suspicion it won't be the last!

'Pay attention to me!!!!!  I'm more interesting than crafts!!'  She'll paw at me till I put down my project and pet her.  If I don't do it long enough for her satisfaction, she paws me again.  Only when I give her hugs and cuddles and kisses does she allow  me to go back to work.  Who has who trained?

Came home from the grocery store and they were so excited to show me their latest handiwork!!   "Look mama!!! We maded u a art!  Iz u like?" 

All that craftin' tuckered them out!!

June 28, 2013

Ombre' Attempt

It was only a matter of time till I caved in and attempted an ombre' baking project.  The cake instructions call for each coloured layer to be baked separately and then assembled as a layer cake.  I decided to go the cupcake route, but only had enough paper liners for 9 cupcakes, and then opted for 9 cupcakes and a small cake.  

So here are my 3 bowls of blue batter.

I put light on the bottom and the darkest on top.  As I suspected, the batter sank and swirled on it's own during the baking process.

Iced and sugared!

Cross section of one of them.  Not quite what I had in mind but still cool.  And tastes yummy.

I tried piping the icing with a plastic baggie but again failed so I just slopped it on with a knife.

And here's the little cake I made for Marsha's birthday, using up the rest of the batter.  I haven't cut into it to see if the colours mixed together or stayed put as separate layers.

Will I try it again?  Maybe.  I didn't feel like doing the separately baked cake layers the day I did this, so next time I'll do it that way and see if it'll come out better.

Speaking of Marsha's birthday, I met her for lunch that day to give her the cake & a pressie, and she gave me this totally awesome purple, blue & sparkly glass peace sign she picked up for me on a recent trip to Florida.

I hung it against the white beaded lamp next to my chair and it looks pretty darn cool when the light is on. Hard to see; click pic to make bigger.

Taken with the flash.  No I didn't do the beading; I bought the lamp at Fred Meyer Bonney Lake of all places.  

June 26, 2013

Barnstable Village

Continuing down Rte. 6A, I arrived at Barnstable Village.  So many old houses, many date to the 1700s.

The imposing Courthouse.

I didn't get this dude's bad.

I wandered into this front yard because I thought it was a giftshop, since there are a few shops, galleries and restaurants in the area.  Then I saw the 'private home' signs and crept back out to the sidewalk!

Barnstable Comedy Club.

The sidewalks are brick and it looks like people paid to have names and stuff engraved on some of them.

Ah well...Bruins lost to Chicago. 

Looking west down 6A.

Outside an ice cream shop.  He looks like Jerry Garcia.

Another old house.

I loved this castle at the pottery gallery.

The Olde Colonial Courthouse, which is now called Tales of Cape Cod.  I had to look it up but it was founded in 1949 to preserve the Cape's history.  The building dates back to the 1700s, and is one of the oldest Courthouses in the country, and served as a Courthouse till the mid 1800s.

In all the years I lived here the first time, I never once noticed this ginormous building on Rte 6A.  This time when I passed it on the way to the main village, it took me by surprise when I rounded the corner and I had to drive back to shoot it.  

June 24, 2013

West Barnstable

I had a late afternoon doctor's appointment in Hyannis and found myself with a few hours to kill, so I took some pics in West Barnstable and Barnstable Village (a later post).

This store still has a wooden floor.  When I was little, my mom used to take me here to get penny candy, my fave almond crescent cookies (that I can't have anymore due to a nut allergy) and caps for my capgun.  

There's a train depot here.

Looking east.

I love old, decrepit, creepy houses.

Wandered over to the cemetery next door.  Graves date back to the early and mid 1800s.  Some are too deteriorated to read. 

The old children's gravestones all have lambs on them.