Mt. Rainier and Lenticular Clouds - Dec. 2008 copyright: JMM

May 30, 2015

Mayflower and May Flowers

The Mayflower II was in dry dock down in Mystic, CT all winter long for continuing repairs and was towed back to Plymouth a couple of weeks ago.  I was monitoring the tug's progress on the Marine Tracker website and it looked pretty far away still, when I left the house.  I thought I had time to do a couple of quick errands.  But when I finally parked and was walking through the park, I saw the top of the masts going under the railroad bridge! I broke into a sprint, which is no easy feat for me (and let's face it, my boobs are just way too big for that nonsense) and this was as far as I got before it passed by.  The tug was moving at breakneck speed and I'm guessing they had a tailwind and the current was flowing that way.  

So I was disappointed that I didn't get some better shots, but at least I saw it come through in 2013.

I finally remembered to bring my camera to my mom's to shoot pictures of the rhododendrons because they are fabulous.  When I was a kid, my dad kept the area across the driveway mowed, so as to have a 'nature trail'.  It's pretty overgrown now but you can still get back there and the rhodies are still thriving.  This one is ginormous.  It's my favourite.

Another one along the driveway.

And another near the end of the driveway.

This one is kind of stunted cause a giant pine tree has grown around it but the few red flowers are still gorgeous.

This one is off the driveway in the old nature trail.

This is a very unusual rhodie in that it has a lovely fragrance to it, where all the others do not.

There's the back of the purple one that I featured first.

When I got home, my hot pink azalea was in it's glory so I took a few snappies of that as well.

Now if only the wretched green inchworms and pollen would go away!

May 28, 2015

Cross Stitch, Colouring Book & Confirmed Nessie Sighting

Still not feeling the crafting bug beyond cross stitch lately, so that's what I'm doing.  I finished the Christmas one and it sold within minutes to a good friend of mine.  

Also making headway on the commissioned Hummel cross stitch. I know they look weird without heads but I'm getting there.  Just found out she'll be on the Cape August 1-15, so this should be done by then, barring any unforeseen issues.  There really isn't too much backstitch, as compared to other designs, and that's the last step after the stitches are done.

And started a seashell kit I was given a couple of summers ago. My stitched one doesn't seem to be coming out quite like the picture and I am having trouble with the floss colours.  They are totally open to interpretation, so I think I messed up whatever is 'pale green grey' and 'medium turquoise' which means I have to rip out some stitches.  My shell also doesn't seem to be coming out shaped like the one in the picture.  Maybe it'll look better when I get it filled in.

I'm so pleased that more and more people are getting into colouring as adults.  I entered a giveaway for, and won, this Sugar Skulls book from the Coloring isn't just for kids Facebook page.

Plus she included a couple of extras.

Isn't this Nessie ladle the cutest thing EVER?!  The link went viral in January which was when I ordered it.  The company, which is either in China or Japan, was overwhelmed with orders so I didn't get it until a couple of weeks ago.  Of course now it's available on!  I should've just waited but that's OK.  Almost too cute to use though.  I just can't bring myself to submerge her into a pot of hot soup.

May 26, 2015

Simply a Spiffing Spring

The flowers are blooming and everything looks and smells so awesome, finally.  I didn't think these days would ever come.  I truly thought the snow would be around till June.  

This is a dogwood in our yard.  

Also in my yard, no idea what they are but they are a pretty shade of light purple.

Pretty pink bush next to the driveway.

My only complaint with lilacs is that they just don't last long enough!  The yard smelled delicious.

Another pretty pink flowered bush.

Another shot of the pink one on the driveway.

We have quite a bank of lilacs on the one side of the yard.  Love them so much.

I don't know what these are.....I love them.  This is in a neighbour's front yard.

Walked from my house down to the Canal and as far as the half mile marker and back.  Probably a good 3 mile walk total.

This is was built last fall.

Back in the park downtown.  This statue is called The Fisherman.

I don't know what these pink trees are called but they are gorgeous.

More neighbourhood flowers.

May 24, 2015

Getting In A Last Trip to Scusset

It's that time of year again here on Cape Cod:  Tourist season.  That means come Memorial Day weekend, the beaches will be packed and parking will cost $10, unless I feel like ponying up $25 for a beach sticker.  But I don't like crowds and there is no glass to be found when they are here (they steal it all!), so I just avoid the beaches until September.  If I have a hankerin' to go to Scusset during the summer, I will pay the $10.  Or just park near the Canal and walk.  

The day I went, it was somewhat foggy.  The fog was coming up off the water and the sand bars.

This part was cloudy/foggy too, but behind me it was sunny.

Glass finds were pretty good.

I so love low tide.  I was tempted to shed my shoes and socks but I'm always sorry when I do b/c I can't get the sand off my feet and it's uncomfortable inside the shoes. 

Weather was a little unsettled.  When I turned my back to the water, the breeze coming off the dunes and land was hot, but when I turned to face the water, the breeze was quite cold.

Lots of small pieces today but any piece is a good find.

Li'l Lady Bug.

I was going to take this home with me but the bottom side was covered with ants.

There were tons of small dead ants at the edges of the sand bars near the breakwater.  Billions of them.  I'm seeing a lot of anthills in my yard and driveway too.

I cut my walk a little short and didn't head down to part of Sagamore Beach because I'd heard we might have thunderstorms.  That never did pan out.  These are the finds.  The pearly thing at the top is an operculum.  3 white chips, 11 brown, 4 cobalt, 2 pale green and 10 green.