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October 29, 2017

More Sandwich Glass Scores

Quick stop at Crow Farm to pick up some beach plum jelly.  I love that stuff.  In the 70s, my dad used to pick the beach plums around our cottage at Spring Hill Beach for jelly.  I can't recall if he made it or gave them to someone to make for us.  

Crow Farm has been around for 100 years and they still provide seasonal fresh produce, pies, jellies, etc.  Russell & I went to school with the current generation that's running the farm.  It's a real Sandwich institution. 

The pull to hunt for Sandwich Glass, despite high tide, was too much so I went to my spot to see what I could find.  See those two sticks out there?  That's the top of a now-submerged dock.  That's how high the water level was.

SUCCESS!  Red!  Whoo hoo!

And another, white with red.

Of course had to stop for the obligatory Boardwalk pictures.

Normally I would never venture out when the water's this high (unless my intent is to jump into the water, which was very tempting on this warm day) but the distance from the parking lot to the bridge part is pretty short so I braved it.


The water was crystal clear

Osprey Nest

Since I was in the area, I decided to try and find the old abandoned railway car.  I'd never heard of, or seen this, in all the years I lived there the first time.  No idea what the history of it is.  As I stood there shooting pics, I could hear the train whistle headed my way.  I was stoked!

Here she comes!

The engineer waved to me.

Have always loved the sound of a train.

Yummy yum!

My scores for the day

The beach finds.  Trying so hard to stop collecting pretty rocks and shells but they're so pretty. 

Sandwich glass

Slag which I love finding as much as the shattered glass pieces

The crown jewels of that day's finds.  3 red/pink, a purple...greens and blues.  I was a happy camper!

October 27, 2017

East Sandwich

Had to run a quick errand in East Sandwich so I stopped for some snappies.  This is the smaller part of Hoxie Pond off Old County Road.  Normally those trees would be yellow, red and orange.  

This was pretty much the sum total of the foliage in the area.

I drove a little ways into West Barnstable and still no colourful trees, although The Whipple Tree shop was festively decorated.

Back to town to hit up Sandy Neck Beach real quick

 Not a single piece of glass to be found which is weird cause this is a very popular beach.

View of the dunes from the parking lot.

Tooling  back down Rte. 6A I stopped at this gallery for a couple pics, although it was closed and I didn't get the name of it.

This was a very, very high tide so I pulled off at Scorton Creek to get this shot of the flooded marshes.

I loooooove this place!  They make beautiful glass and are responsible for building "The Giants" that are put up at various businesses in town at Christmas.  They are lit at night and are a beautiful site to behold.  I think there are over 30 giants now.  I used to go around at the holidays and shoot them but I don't drive at night very well anymore.

Next up, hunting for more Sandwich Glass.