Mt. Rainier and Lenticular Clouds - Dec. 2008 copyright: JMM

December 20, 2014

Sights & Lights

In my neverending quest to document Christmas in this area, I went out shooting again one Sunday morning. I had to capture this incredibly creepy and Terminator-like Santa at the local auto parts store.  If you think it looks weird now, you should see it at night.

Here is Epic Halloween House done up epically for Christmas.

Deflated Santa says, 'A little help?!'

And speaking of Santa, I spotted this jaunty fellow out front of Antique Affair.

Later that day, I went back out after sunset to capture the lights.  Do click on this picture to make it bigger. It's the rotary near my house.  Very pretty.

 The bandstand at the park.

It was only about 6:00 pm but there were a lot of weird, hinky people out and about and I did not feel safe lingering around and shooting pictures.  So my shots are not up to the standards I expect for myself.

I did attempt to shoot this scene across the way from Main Street, on Bourne Pond, but without a tripod, shaking and blurriness was unavoidable.  Again, some weirdo pulled up right behind my car and I hurried to get back in and lock my door.  

The Mezza Luna restaurant tree, which was behind me as I was shooting the pond reflection.

The main rotary near the Bridge.

Here is Epic Halloween and Christmas House lit up.

Pizza's not that good but I like the deer.

This is a house down the street from me.


And one around the corner.  They do it up big time every year.

I am, unfortunately, running out of time to finish capturing the sights, lights and decorations of the season!


  1. very pretty,I like the one with the lots of blue lights & the wreath one.phyllis

    1. And Epic Halloween/Christmas house has now added MORE stuff because the house next door has since decorated with lights too. lol It's pretty funny.

  2. Merry Christmas and Best wishes for 2015, JoJo! Thanks for documenting the festivities in your area. I enjoy the photos!

    1. Merry Christmas to you too!!! Russell said he'll take me out to Sandwich so that I can take more pics since I am unable to drive at night anymore.

  3. I think you should stick to night photos with Russell along. Love all the pictures but that first Santa is really creepy. Merry Christmas to both of you.

    1. Thanks Jo! Merry Christmas to you too! Yes, I'll make sure he takes me around at some point this week to get the night shots in Sandwich.

  4. I wouldn't want that auto parts Santa to take me on his sleigh, or to make deliveries to me. He might come in handy, though, if you need a car part.
    Great, colorful photos, JoJo! xo

    1. Just as long as it stays down that end of town! lol Thanks Robyn!