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June 23, 2011

EMP: Experience Music Project

While in Seattle Center I also visited Experience Music Project and the Sci Fi Museum.  I have to say, I was kind of disappointed.  EMP does have a lot of cool stuff if you have the time to sit at every music station, and I didn't go into the music lab either.  That would be fun to do with friends.  Axe and Madi would have gotten more out of EMP than I did, because I'm not a musician.  Still, I would have regretted not having gone at least once.  

I was also really disappointed to find out that the Lost In Space robot was no longer on display.  Apparently it had been there for 7 years and the sci fi geeks were pressuring the museum to change the exhibit, so I got to see Battlestar Gallactica.  Not having seen the TV show or movie (if there was one...was there?), the exhibit had no meaning to me.  Still, I got to use my favourite line from the TV show, "The Office":


Honestly, this sculpture of instruments was my fave part of EMP.

EMP was pretty much devoted to mostly Jimi Hendrix and Nirvana.  Flash photography wasn't allowed so my pictures are blurry.  This is one of Jimi's outfits.

Eddie Van Halen's guitar.

If you want to really experience the music, you can go into the sound lab and noodle around.

In the Sci Fi Museum.

This was the only thing I recognized in the Sci Fi Museum, as being one of the miniture domes used to film one of my fave movies, "Silent Running".  It was also, apparently, used for Battlestar Gallactica.

Some other thing from Battlestar Gallactica.

And early pressing of Hendrix's "Hey Joe".  When I worked in San Francisco, my boss represented the songwriter who penned this song, Billy Roberts.

One of Jimi's smashed up guitars.

60's rock poster art.

The pink side is my fave.


  1. Wow! I so wish I'd seen Hendrix.

    I didn't watch Battlestar Galactica either. Was that the one with Lorne Green?

    You are going to have so many great memories to take with you.

  2. Great trip,joanne. My cat's name was Jimi Hendrix, he lived a very long life, the cat that is.

  3. Yes, Lorne Greene was on it. My cousin used to watch BG but I didn't get into it.

    Elka, the Jimi exhibits were pretty cool. I wish I could've taken more photos but w/o flash and the museum being nearly pitch dark, I couldn't get non-blurry photos.

  4. Damn!!! I wish my house could look like that. If I had one, it probably will! Hahahah! I think Nirvana is a disgrace to the word "music", but as far as Van Halen and Hendrix, I got goosebumps when I saw that. Hey, don't you wanna send me a guitar tower like that on me birthday? *wink*

    Thanks for directing me here, Jojo. I have not been able to come here until now!!

  5. Way behind on my blog-reading...

    But, inveterate Trekkie that I am, I had not heard that particular Bill Shatner quote, heh heh! It's funny, Z & I watched "The Roast of William Shatner" via Netflix (circa '07) - it featured Nichelle, George Takei, and & cameo by Leonard Nimoy. Much more vulgar than I should have let my 12-yr old watch, but it was FUNNY!