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June 24, 2011

Seattle Center

Outside EMP was a small collector car show, of lowriders with hydraulics.  I, personally, find those cars annoying and obnoxious and a little too "East LA" for me.  Still, these were pretty fancy and I couldn't resist shooting a few pics.

A Betty Boop-themed VW Bug.

The owner of this car was clearly into orange.

Duck Tours

I love this paperweight.  I love, and desperately want, any and all items by Glass Eye Studios.

This is the food court at Seattle Center.  Mostly chains, like in mall food courts, but ten times more expensive.

More Glass Eye Studio paperweights.

I especially covet the planet and space series.

Awhile back, I treated myself to Rings of Saturn, which is the one in the center of this photo (middle row, 3rd from the left)

I also have a couple of their ornaments, made with Mount St. Helens ash.


  1. OMG, that first car looks like the one in The Pardoner's Tale in LOCI.

    The paperweights are gorgeous. I wish I had room on my desk(s) for few enough papers to use just a paperwieight on them!

  2. I want to buy ALL the paperweights! I am addicted to Glass Eye studios. Alas I was only able to afford one of them and I got it off ebay for less than retail. They sell for upwards of $80 to hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Their ornaments start at about $20 for the small ones. I think I have one or 2.