Mt. Rainier and Lenticular Clouds - Dec. 2008 copyright: JMM

June 21, 2011

Playing Tourist in Seattle

Scored a sunny Sunday morning so I jetted up to Seattle to visit the Space Needle.

This used to be the old Rainier brewery and had a giant R on the roof.  Now it's Tully's Coffee with a giant T.

Safeco Field from the highway

Pacific Science Center at Seattle Center

The globe spins and it says "It's in the PI", i.e., the Seattle Post Intelligencer paper.

Looking down on Experience Music Project.  It's supposed to look like smashed up musical instruments.

Inbound & outbound ferries arriving at the Port.

These are water bottles.  I didn't buy one; the souvenirs in the Needle were prohibitively expensive.


  1. Very wise not to buy overpriced tourist type trap stuff....

    I bet the water bottles had a sily price tag.

    Nice photos as always...

  2. PI in the sky, eh?

    Those bottles were gorgeous, very strong of you to resist.

  3. Yay! You got to go to the Space Needle. I want to do that - someday! Good to see you can use your JoJO ID to comment again :)

  4. When is your Photo Book coming out? "My Washington Years", what to see in the state of Washington"
    Offer it to the toeristboard and let them pay you lots of monnies.

  5. Hey! Did you see my brother while you were there?! ;)

  6. Anonymous2:18 PM

    I have the most amazing amount of pictures of the Space Needle from when I was in Seattle. Why? Elvis made a movie at the State Fair in 1963, and it featured, a LOT ;0)

  7. I had no idea Elvis made a movie up here during the world's fair! I wonder if he stayed at the famous Edgewater Hotel where the Beatles also stayed?

  8. Anonymous2:11 PM

    No idea love, the Colonel hardly allowed us to believe Elvis was human, so there's no way we'd ever have found out where he was staying ;0)