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February 18, 2010

I'm Official!!

I received my Certificate of Formation of Tahoma Beadworks, LLC from the Secretary of State! (click on it to see it bigger) I'm so excited!! Now no one else can use this name (although "Tahoma Beads" would be allowed). I filled out the Master Business License application and paid the fee to Bonney Lake for the license, which hasn't arrived yet. Now I have major motivation to try and open an Etsy store because lemme tell ya, the fees weren't cheap, so, at the very least, I have to make back the cost of the fees. I'm going to have to learn about taking out Washington State sales tax (are you sitting down? It's 8.7% in Pierce County; it's over 9% in King County) and doing tax returns, but fortunately I have a trustworthy CPA.

Also, do check out my dancing bear ankle tattoo here!! A big THANK YOU to Mike for including me in his galary and for the plug for my blog!!!! :D After seeing it so close up, I realize that it needs to be reinked, el big-o time-o. When it was brand new in the 90's, it really popped. I knew I wanted a blue dancing bear back in the 80's before I even moved away from the Cape. The problem was, I couldn't decide on a good place for it. Now, I'm the kind of person who makes instant decisions about major life changes, like quitting a high-paying job to move to San Francisco, and quitting a high-paying job to move to Washington. Yet it took from 1988 to 1995 for me to finally commit to having the ink on my right ankle. And by that time, it was too late because I had it done in June, 1995, and Jerry Garcia died in August, 1995, so I never got to take my bear for a dance at a show. We had planned on attending, and had mailordered tickets for, the Shoreline shows in September when Jerry died. Oh cruel irony. It's like an O. Henry story. So I had my boss take the picture when I was at work. I really wish I'd shaved my legs/ankles prior to the photo, but oh well.


  1. BRAVO!!! HOORAY!!!CONGRATULATIONS!!! You sooooooo ROCK JoJo!! I love your Dancing Bear. Ahhhh, to bad you didn't get to dance at GD concert. I love tatoos, but have been afraid what part of my body to put. But, now that I know you have one, I gots to get mine. It's going to be a butterfly. Yeah, I'm so happy for you. Double Cheers Jo!!

    All the tatoos were great!!

  2. Saw your comment about Flickers at your house and it made me think of a story I saw of someone dealing with the same problem.
    As I recall, they hung a net/mesh down the sides a short distance off each wall, and it discouraged the woodpeckers from returning.
    Worth a try.

  3. congrats

    what does LLC stand for?

  4. Congratulations! On both the certificate and the tattoo. :-)

    I am too much of a wimp to ever get a tattoo. I have three piercings in each earlobe but tattoos seem like drawn out torture instead of fast and quick like a piercing. lol

  5. bobbybegood1 - Thank you so much! I won't lie, it did hurt esp. when he was pumping in the blue ink near my ankle bone.

    Dean - Thank you so much for stopping by and for your tip! We'll have to try it. I won't let Brian nail boards over the holes till the babies are grown & gone, but on the other hand, what a racket. I can't imagine the damage in there...

    Fen - Limited Liability Company. It just offers more protection for me. My boss told me that was the way to go.

    Musicwench - Thank you!! :D I have a large one on my low back that took nearly 2 hours and it was pretty torturous.

  6. Congratulations, JoJo. May I be the first to buy one of your creations on Ebay when the day comes?

  7. Yayyyyyy!!!!
    Congrats, babe, its high time you get to show your stuff!!
    What an awesome business. You are gonna have so much fun and with your talent, you will be "most wanted" real soon!

  8. Now that's nice news! :D

    The surrealist in me likes the idea of the keeper of the seal of the State of Washington.

    *bangs flippers together, makes a honking noise and catches a fish in my mouth*

  9. Wow!!! Congrats! That is a huge deal and very exciting!

    I am applying for my LLC as soon as get over my panic. I keep going between excited and panic.

    Your boss sounds cool. What were your other jobs??

    LOVE the bear!
    Keep dancin'

  10. Anonymous1:13 PM

    *Takes off hat to salute*