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February 15, 2010

Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez!!

Happy Mardi Gras everyone!

I can't believe that it's been 20 years since this photo of Holly & me was taken on Fat Tuesday (although in 1990, I believe it fell on February 27). She and her hubby were still living on the east coast, and they flew out to visit Brian & me in San Francisco, for the Grateful Dead's Mardi Gras shows at Oakland Coliseum.

We had our faces painted inside the coliseum, before the show started. *sigh* my natural hair colour.
Her hubby had his face done like a skull.

The Dead opened the show with "Let The Good Times Roll" and wove their way magically through Set 1, as only they could do. They played lots of my faves that night: Feel Like a Stranger, Sugaree, Mississippi Half Step and Bird Song.

Right before the Dead's 2nd set started, there was a huge parade down on the floor with lots of balloons and a giant dancing skeleton. They opened Set 2 with 2 Cajun faves, "Iko Iko" and "Man Smart/Women Smarter" and closed Set 2 with Throwing Stones into Not Fade Away. That was a fun, fun night. Long too.

A couple of years ago I found some super cheap black fabric bags. This one didn't really start out to be an homage to Mardi Gras, but after I sewed the pearl-and-coin chain necklace to the top edge, and added the cabochon with beads in the center, I realized that it would work well to hold all my Mardi Gras beads.

I bought some beads and sewed them around the edges and made fringe.

I was stoked to find those mask beads, which I sewed to the back of the bag.
That's a purple plastic cabochon, around which I used gold beads to peyote stitch it onto the bag. Once it was secure, I started making the bead embroidered rings. It was after I used the gold, purple and green beads that the Mardi Gras theme kind of gelled.

My booty.

Maybe someday I will actually get to the real celebration in New Orleans!


  1. Now there's a concert I could have enjoyed hugely!

    Envy! Envy!

  2. Looks like you had the time of your life. I, too, like the Grateful Dead, but I can't quite remember a song they made. You would think that being a 60's baby that I could hark back and remember at least one song, but I can't. Going to look them up on Discover Music to find out.


  3. Addendum:

    LOVED the bag. You are VERY, VERY gifted and artistic JoJo!!

  4. Great piece of work, JoJo.

    I forgot to make pancakes today. And after I bought a bottle of mix and only had to add water, too!

  5. Anonymous2:32 PM

    Too full of pancakes to Mardi Gras, but yours looks like fun :0)

  6. Your Daily Puppy pics are genuinely adorable. I thought about putting on my blog too.

  7. That sounds like a good damn time!!

    And your bag is absolutely stunning! Beautiful!

    Ah, I have been to NOLA Mardis Gras, and I will never go again. I'm glad i did it once, but it was totally insane, TOTALLY! At least in the quarter it was.

    Peace sister,

  8. I'll want to be at that shindig in Nawhlins with you!!!!

    Those bags are so stunning, and I still have mine you sent me. With those pretty little bells on! xxx

  9. I've been resisting asking, JoJo but curiosity has got the better of me. Which one (in the 2 person pic obviously) is you?

  10. WR - I'm the one on the right, w/ the rainbow, yin yang & roses.

  11. Ah! Somehow I knew that :D

  12. Great Post JoJo. I love to revisit those old shows with pictures...

    Mama mama many worlds I've come...

    nice work on the bag also, very cool.