Mt. Rainier and Lenticular Clouds - Dec. 2008 copyright: JMM

November 7, 2006

Creative Commuting

Well, the storm really gave Western Washington a one-two punch for sure. Got home OK last night, but woke up this morning to find out that the main highway out of Bonney Lake was closed down the hill in Sumner, because water was over the jersey barrier in both the east and west bound lanes. I had to go up to the town north of me, Auburn, and get off the hill there, and then back track to my normal route to work. Took me an hour to go the 22 miles when normally in the morning it takes 30 minutes. I've seen the Puyallup River very high before, but today it was just about road level, and in some parts, was under the guardrail on the edge of the road. And it's still raining and very humid! At least my hair is curly. The Seahawks won against the Oakland "Rayduh's", at home last night in the rain. It was a great game!
This is the Puyallup River as seen in Sumner. The town decorates this bridge with white lights and red ribbons for the holidays. Although I did not cross this bridge today, this is the same river I drive alongside on my way to & from work, on River Road. This photo was taken by Drew Perine from the Tacoma News Tribune and posted on their website this morning.
This is a picture of Tahoma Creek in Mt. Rainier National Park. Looks more like a river than a creek! Photo courtesy of Mt. Rainier National Park Service.This is what Snoqualmie Falls looked like yesterday. It's a magnificent, thundering waterfall about 30 miles or so east of Seattle. You can either look at the falls from the platform, or you can hike down to the bottom. I hiked the trail once w/ my best friends from Maine, several years ago, but it was at the end of June after a dry winter, and the waterfall was much less impressive. Photo courtesy of KIRO TV Channel 7.


  1. Awesome but still frightening in its magnificence.

    Jojo... Axe can change currency. What I suggest is you send it in a little greeting card, airmail, and pray she gets it. Mostly she has received everything fine. I've sometimes sent small amounts that way... thank you for caring and thank you for your comments on that post.

    I didn't intend it to turn into a debate and I almost left a comment after the first anonymous comment and thought better of it. Whoever they are, if they want to debate I'll let them get on with it... but basically it is a case of what goes round comes round and it's the blacks who are getting the jobs today.

    That's good... but if you're poor and white it's tough. So many people have this misconception that ALL the whites in South Africa are rich, but that's just not so.

    hope it's stopped raining

    lotsa luv ann xxxxxx

  2. Anonymous2:29 PM

    So far we're having my 'favourite kind' of winter in the UK; cold sunny days and crisp clear nights. Now, life would be perfect if only I had Mr D'Onofrio to snuggle up with...