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November 8, 2006


"Listen, if I can't have my way, then I'm taking my toys and going HOME!"

That's what it looks like Rummy is saying, doesn't it? Well, at least he woke up, smelled the latte and retired. Or quit like the loser pussy that he is.
We're all pretty happy with the election results, except for our choice for our US Congress District 8, where incumbent Dave Reichert (R) is edging out newcomer Darcy Burner, which is a disappointment. And it seems that I was in the minority on all of the local issues as well. But at least we got the changes we so desperately needed. And Shrub saying he wants to work with the Democrats. Right. I'll believe it when I see it. He just wants to make nice-nice so they don't impeach his ass which I am hoping is the first order of business. Actually the second order of business...the first should be getting our troops home from Iraq before any more of them die in an illegal war.
Sun's out, rivers are receding, ground's drying, highways are's all good!

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