Mt. Rainier and Lenticular Clouds - Dec. 2008 copyright: JMM

December 29, 2017

Giants, Part 3

I think there are a total of 66 Giants in town and by my count, I shot 59 of them.  Not too shabby!

This night we started out a little too early.  It was so much darker in real life but the sky photographed light.

Tootsie Roll lollipop

River View School

This is Bubbles, at the car wash.

Randy Hunt, CPA

At the Catholic Church.

At the Gibbs' house

Classy Cuts salon

These were unlit for quite some time and were finally all set up.  Instead of shooting them on the way into town we got them on the way out.

Baseball card shop

Cranberry Man.  This one you really have to work to see.  It's way way out on a remote cranberry bog near Spring Hill Beach.  Russell worked on those bogs as a kid and knew which dirt roads to take.  It was pitch dark and we saw 7 deer cross the road in front of us. 

Old woman who lives in a shoe

Paul White Woodcarving

Sheep at the yarn shop

This bee used to be in front of The Beehive Restaurant but that place closed and now it's in front of the Mason Hall.


Tuna at the marina.  HF are the initials of a tuna fisherman who passed away.

The pilot at Pilot House Restaurant

This one's called 'Shine' but over half the lights were out and I don't know what it's supposed to be.

Wish Gift wand.

And one more pretty house.


  1. I have to come see this some Christmas. Too late this year. Absolutely tremendous photos

    1. It's well worth a trip up here to see how beautiful Sandwich is at christmas.

  2. Very the Santa Sledge...

    1. Thanks Krishna! I'm glad we went around taking these pics!

  3. Hey JoJo,

    I am totally dazzled by those illuminated wonders. You did well. Although, "I think there are a total of 66 Giants in town and by my count, I shot 59 of them." I'm assuming there are 7 Giants sighing with relief :)

    Have a super 2018, JoJo.


    1. LOL! Well 2 of them weren't finally put up and lit till around the 23rd. Others weren't always lit when we went into town and then there's another that isn't lit till midnight tonight for 'happy new year'.