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December 14, 2016

Still Playing Catch Up

So I've been trying to continue to squeeze in crafts whenever I can.  I just started a new one called 'diamond painting'.  The kit comes from China, I think, and the instructions didn't translate well to English.  #3 is especially amusing.

Basically it's like cross stitching with coloured plastic squares. 

Teeny tiny plastic squares too, I might add.  This has to be done with tweezers.

You peel back the paper to reveal the design underneath that has a super sticky adhesive.  You match up the symbols with the colour key on the side and place the appropriately numbered colours accordingly.  This is going to take awhile.  

I found a free crescent moon pattern in my cross stitch stuff and had to do it. 

The past few weeks weren't without their bright spots though, despite the overall 'blah' feeling.  My dear friend Miki came over for lunch a couple weeks ago, and Marsha took me out to breakfast for my birthday.  I got to spend said birthday with Russell.  He gave me a beautiful card, we went to my mom's for a bit, then attempted to go to the movies.  The theatre was so hot that we had to leave. There was no way I could sit there for two and a half hours like that.  We tried to see the same movie at another theatre later that day, but the same problem.  So we went home, but stopped at Michael's Crafts so I could do a little shopping.  Took advantage of Cyber Monday with a pretty big amazon order which is always fun to receive. 

 Turkeys showed up in my back yard, en masse, a few days after Thanksgiving.

I was hoping this big ol' Tom would give up a feather or two, but no.

I was pleasantly surprised when a package off cross stitch kits arrived from my daughter in law's grandmother.  What a thoughtful thing to do!!!  My friend Debby sent me three colouring books too, but I forgot to take a pic of them before I put them with my stack of colouring books to do.  I really need to get on that...

And the kids came over for Thanksgiving which was also Val's birthday.  I got some balloons but the stupid latex ones were on the floor by mid afternoon.  

Had to hang a banner, of course.

Aren't she and her hubby just the cutest things EVER?

Some outside shots of our lights.

It's hard to believe that Christmas is already upon us.  Just a few more days!  I am planning on baking a lot in the days before Christmas Eve.  

Are you all ready for the holidays?


  1. That diamond painting would have had me cross-eyed and cramped handed.
    Lovely turkeys!
    I'm about as ready for Christmas as I ever am ...

    1. I'm not quite ready for Christmas at all. We had another set back earlier this month and it's gonna take a bit to catch up so things got stalled out, shopping-wise!

  2. oh!! so many turkeys showed up in the backyard.. few days back we were driving, and a bunch of turkeys suddenly rushed on the road before the car, and don't want to move. We stopped for few seconds. After they decided to move, we can drive our car.. :D

    1. They are everywhere!!! I'm surprised you have them in California now, I never saw them when I lived there in the 90s.

  3. How's it going with the truck? You didn't mention. I am kind of prepared. Got friends coming for Christmas Dinner so lots to do.

    1. Well it's back on the road but it cost us 2 weeks of no money coming in and a ton going out. Things are unbelievably tight right now. Worst timing ever.

    2. Glad it's back on the road at least. I do know what you mean by timing though. Hope you manage OK.

  4. Wow. That project looks challenging. I'm not allowed near tools so tweezers are not in my future- ha.
    I like those big turkeys, your lights, and the variety in this post.
    I bet your kitchen will smell yummy. Have fun and happy baking

    1. Thanks Joanne! My baking list is pretty ambitious. I have to make a list of who is getting what and make sure I have enough butter and sugar.