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September 27, 2013

McDermott Glass Studio, Part 3

And now for a tour of their amazing gallery.  I know I'll be stopping by to buy more items because I basically want everything in the shop.  Their work is breathtaking.  The colours are so gorgeous.  

I almost bought one because I like using a glass with a handle.  I was afraid that it would get swept off the table by an enthusiastic tail so I decided not to.  For now.  I still might go get one anyway!

Right?!?!  The owl looks like he's inside of a giant agate.

Can they just box it all up and send it to my house?

The one on the left, the cobalt, now resides in our livingroom.

I loooove the shell and this colour combo!

 Crackle glass in beautiful shades.

Want these too.

I want those so bad.  SO BAD.

Happy crab is happy!

Another pic of the shell I want and should've gotten while I was there because it's probably gone now.

Little owly on the left now lives at my house too.  A little boy bought the turtle.

I love that whale tail too.

A huge thank you to Yukimi Matsumoto for allowing me to shoot inside.  If you find yourself in Sandwich, this place is a must-see.


  1. Wow, each piece is a true work of art! I would LOVE to see the process to create those intricate designs.... incredible! There are many I would love to bring home too. Thanks so much for sharing with all of us who will never get the chance to see this in person JoJo!

  2. Yeah, wow is about all I can manage. Just simply gorgeous stuff. My first pick is the pitcher with cups with the ocean wave looking design!
    Tina @ Life is Good

  3. Gorgeous, JoJo. I'm liking the blue goblets, and that shell is enticing. Thanks to you and the shop for featuring some of their goods. I love beautiful glass too. Blues and greens are my weakness.

  4. Beautiful. I love how the colors flow into each other.

    Have a great weekend, JoJo.


  5. Lovely. I love art glass, and have a very small collection of it. There is a gallery we enjoy visiting in Florida. Too rich for my blood, but wow, that stuff is gorgeous!! Nice photos, as always.

  6. I thought the pumpkins were amazing and I want one of the handled mugs too. The problem would be picking which one I liked best.

  7. Hi JoJo,

    You weren't kidding. Those glass creations and the incredible colours are magical works of art. I'm grateful that you got to take those photos.

    A lovely weekend to you.


  8. Hi Jojo, loving the glass photographs, I don't think I could choose just one to buy!
    Suzanne @ Suzannes-Tribe x

  9. I was gonna say I think I want everything in there.. spectacular work!

  10. Absolutely stunning glass work! I loved each an every item! Especially small figures, like sea horses, pumpkins, and those cute owls! Thanks for sharing such beauty with us, Jojo!