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September 26, 2013

McDermott Glass Studio, Part 2

Continuing on with the tour of McDermott's, these items are in their yard and I absolutely loved it.  So creative!

This was kinda creepy though!

Glass. Seashells.  OMG!  LOVE!

Glass snake!


This is fabulous!

So cute!

It's a wave!!!

Next, the Gallery.


  1. That head was creepy!! Eeek!! Loved all the glass works though. Great pictures!

  2. Anonymous12:38 PM

    The head is a bit creepy but I really like the one with the lizard. That one's cute!

  3. I just bought a blown glass pumpkin very similar to that last photo... mine is in browns and oranges tho... how beautiful! But glass in the yard? I would think those works of art would get broken (especially that awesome snake!). Is it where their discards / broken pieces go? Very neat to see them all in natural settings.

  4. the glass sea shells were definitely my favorite! Wouldn't want to see that head on a dark night! Ha ha!

  5. So all that cool, cool stuff was just lying around? I'd be worried that it might get stolen. But how awesome to walk through property decorated with art like that. I've been to many artists' homes during studio tours who did similar things with their own particular kind of art. Makes me want to decorate my yard with, oh, I dunno, (thinking of what I'm good at)... meat loaf?