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June 28, 2013

Ombre' Attempt

It was only a matter of time till I caved in and attempted an ombre' baking project.  The cake instructions call for each coloured layer to be baked separately and then assembled as a layer cake.  I decided to go the cupcake route, but only had enough paper liners for 9 cupcakes, and then opted for 9 cupcakes and a small cake.  

So here are my 3 bowls of blue batter.

I put light on the bottom and the darkest on top.  As I suspected, the batter sank and swirled on it's own during the baking process.

Iced and sugared!

Cross section of one of them.  Not quite what I had in mind but still cool.  And tastes yummy.

I tried piping the icing with a plastic baggie but again failed so I just slopped it on with a knife.

And here's the little cake I made for Marsha's birthday, using up the rest of the batter.  I haven't cut into it to see if the colours mixed together or stayed put as separate layers.

Will I try it again?  Maybe.  I didn't feel like doing the separately baked cake layers the day I did this, so next time I'll do it that way and see if it'll come out better.

Speaking of Marsha's birthday, I met her for lunch that day to give her the cake & a pressie, and she gave me this totally awesome purple, blue & sparkly glass peace sign she picked up for me on a recent trip to Florida.

I hung it against the white beaded lamp next to my chair and it looks pretty darn cool when the light is on. Hard to see; click pic to make bigger.

Taken with the flash.  No I didn't do the beading; I bought the lamp at Fred Meyer Bonney Lake of all places.  


  1. I used to have a beaded lamp like that. It was missing one of the strings of beads so it was clearance priced. It was purple, though, and I don't have that color in my house anymore so I gave it away.

    I haven't ever done much with food coloring in food. That is surprising given how much I love color and how much I love good food! :) I wonder if it would have swirled better if the various colors were slightly different texture--like a little less moisture? When I was a kid I baked a marble cake from a mix, but that was decades ago and I never attempted it as an adult with a little more skill. :D

  2. Anonymous2:16 PM

    Blue cake...that's a first for me!

  3. Dang, those cupcakes made my mouth water! (That could be 'cause I've overindulged myself for the past week and a half and have spent the past couple of days no-sugaring it.) If I could have a superpower, I seriously think it'd be eating whatever the hell I want w/o gaining weight!!! :-)
    Some Dark Romantic

  4. I've always had a thing for blue food - don't ask why, I have no idea! Some weird childhood thing buried in my subconscious I suppose. Love the peace sign too! :)

  5. Pretty cupcakes!! Makes my mouth water!


  6. I've never tired making a tri colored cake before, though I have seen instructions for making a two tone marbled cake with vanilla and chocolate cake batters. But I was never brave enough to give it a try.
    You know all you need are a few red sprinkles to scatter on top of those cupcakes and they'd be perfect for the 4th of July. :)

  7. Anonymous10:06 AM

    My hubby would love a try-colored cake. Then again, he loves any cake =P

  8. Love the cupcakes. Yummy looking.

  9. I reckon if I had some of those cupcakes, I'd turn into a Smurf....

    Have a good weekend.

    Gary :)

  10. food, not sure. Didn't they put poisons in blue bottles as a deterrent 'cos associate the colour with something nasty?