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June 30, 2013

Furkids Update

I worked on another Project Book item:  Adding beads to a doggie bandanna.  Actually the instructions were for how to make the bandanna too but I already had some.  I didn't want to go too crazy with the beading, so I just added some edging on the front point and a couple of details on the bandanna itself.

Unimpressed dog is unimpressed.

Feeling emasculated by the flowers.  But the dark blue one I put on Pepper wouldn't have shown up as well on Sagan's dark coat!

Leaving pupkiss on the window as he surveys his domain.  My spring cleaning efforts were in vain.

Beanie is using the couch more these days too.  It should be noted that I never get to use it.  Ever.


Watching me watch 'Made in Canada'.

This one had me in stitches.  Pepper got up on the couch and laid halfway on Sagan, in a ploy to make him move so that she could have the whole couch to herself.  As soon as I snapped this, he hopped off and laid on the floor and Princess P stretched out.  This is the first time she's ever done that.  I have a suspicion it won't be the last!

'Pay attention to me!!!!!  I'm more interesting than crafts!!'  She'll paw at me till I put down my project and pet her.  If I don't do it long enough for her satisfaction, she paws me again.  Only when I give her hugs and cuddles and kisses does she allow  me to go back to work.  Who has who trained?

Came home from the grocery store and they were so excited to show me their latest handiwork!!   "Look mama!!! We maded u a art!  Iz u like?" 

All that craftin' tuckered them out!!


  1. Your babies are SO Cute! And they're certainly the most stylish :)

  2. They certainly are BIG kids! I had to laugh that you never get to be on the couch... well, at least you won't be sat upon!

    They are so cute in their blingy scarves.

  3. Beading can enhance anything. I like pups with bandanas, too.

    As for the couch dilemma, maybe your furkids read Animal Farm and they're taking over the house first. . .

  4. Anonymous1:19 PM

    Two - obviously contented - doggies :0)

  5. They are just beautiful.

  6. They are my sweet little furbabies.

  7. Aww. Love pets. :)

  8. So adorable! My fur babies are all so spoiled too :)

  9. They had a really lazy Sunday... very cute, and yo made amazing bandannas for them! I liked the blue colors in both, and of course, you bead edging! Great job!

  10. They are certainly stylin in those scarves.


  11. They are definitely kids alright and do just about everything my children did when they were little, right down to the nose and fingerprints on my sliding glass doors. :D

  12. ps - I forgot to tell you how neat I think your beaded fringe is. It's giving me some ideas for dressing up some things of mine that need sprucing up.

  13. Nice doggies you have I must say...well at first you get a little scared because of the strong looks but once you are friends with them everything goes great...I prefer cute puppies! :)
    Those Bandanas are very creative and cool :)

  14. Love, love, love the photos.