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February 19, 2013

10 Years Wiff Da Bean!!!!

10 years ago today, a very special and sweet little doggie came to live at my house.  Little Pepper was adopted from the Tacoma-Pierce County Humane Society on February 19, 2003, just a day or so away from....well let's not talk about that.  Suffice to say that we rescued her just in time.  She had only been an outdoor dog with her prior family, didn't know how to walk up or down stairs and she had no idea what toys were.  She would take her treats and run to the other side of the yard to hide & eat it.  She fuzzed her way right into my heart.  During 2004 when the ex was undergoing chemotherapy for his Hepatitus C, Pepper really bonded with me.  She definitely became my baby girl.  She was a champ on our cross country trip too.

She was not happy about this photo.  That's why I added the thought bubble.
 Downtown Tacoma, 2006

When we lost power for those 6 days in December 2006, she was so freaked out that she started to sleep on my bed.  I was so grateful for the extra warmth too!  When the power came back on, she had already decided that bedtime meant 'mommy's room'.  If I had the door shut she'd scratch at it till I let her in.

Giving me her 'I hate having my picture taken so stop it!' look.

Princess Pepper P. Puppington of the Bonney Lake Puppingtons says, 'We are NOT amused'.  I have like a million nicknames for her.  She basically responds to anything I call her.  I'm not sure she even knows her name is 'Pepper'.  

She loves romping in the snow!

"Really, mom?  Really?"

Stealing my chair and snuggling with her lambchop toy.  "Don' touch. Iz mine".

"Ai haz a duck!  Iz mai duck!"

I love my sweet little Beandog!!!!!!!  I can't imagine my life without her.  She's about 12 now and still spry, despite her greying muzzle.  And has me wrapped around her fuzzy paw and she knows it too.  She cries piteously if I leave the house without her.  I'm relieved that Sagan is here for many reasons, but at least to keep her company because I can't always take them both with me, especially during the hot summer months.

Happy 10th anniversary Teeny Tiny Beanie Weenie!!! Mommy lubs you! Oh yes she does! Oh yes she does!!!


  1. Ahahahaha! Love the goggie talk...

    Happy Anniversary Pepper! What a sweet girl. She's lucky to have you JoJo!

  2. Aww Happy Anniversary, Pepper(bean)!!! Hahah! She is gorgeous and damn, she looks beying happy!

  3. Happy Anniversary, cute and kind Pepper!:)
    Jojo, you both are lucky to have each other :) God bless!

  4. Anonymous11:28 AM

    Rescue doggies are the best doggies in all the land! All of ours are from shelters and they rock! One of them is a bit nuts but we think she was abused and that just makes us love her that much more. Happy Anniversary to Pepper!

  5. Awww JoJo! What a sweet post. You've just made me fall in love with Pepper. Agree with the others about the two of you being lucky to have one another. :)

  6. We adopted our last cat from the shelter. He was with us for 16 years. He's called Slick in my tribute to him. It's great that we can give these animals another chance.

    Pepper does look grumpy in that one shot. Nice post, JoJo.

  7. Anonymous12:27 PM

    Happy Anniversary to all in the Jojo Household :0)

  8. Such a sweet girlie. She really fell on her feet!

  9. She may be lucky to have me, but I'm lucky to have her. Who rescued who is really the big question. I just love her to pieces. Sweet ickle beandog!

  10. What a beautiful doggie! I bet she keeps you warm at night.


  11. Ermagherd, suddenly I feel diabetic!!!!! LOL!
    I know, you loves you some peppah... and no wonder. She's a sweetie.

  12. Awww! Pepper is adorable! Happy Anniversary. I love the Halloween photo. :)

  13. Anonymous6:44 PM

    What a fun post! Your dog is positively delightful! They may be our pets, but they definitely steal our hearts and become our family as well.

  14. So glad you found each other!

  15. What a precious puppy. It's amazing what pets will put up with for the sake of love. :)

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  17. You have a Wonderful mom sweet pup!

  18. Awww, so sweet. Happy anniversary Pepper :)