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January 14, 2013

More Dream Catchers

To say that 2013 has started off with some challenges would be an understatement, and that goes for the crafts I've been working on.  It's not just me; a lot of my friends are complaining that their lives aren't going very well either.  Someone asked if Mercury was retrograde again.  

Here's another dream catcher using one of the crocheted snowflakes.  

The intent was to attach it to that hoop with beads like the other one.  BTW, I wrapped the hoop with red gradiated floss with gold on top literally years ago; at least 6 or 7.  I've been trying to finish some of the projects that I started and abandoned. I managed to get one beaded loop on and it was not going well at all. Not even a little bit.  So I decided to tie them on with some pretty fibres that my friend Rhonda sent me.  Every single fibre ripped.  I guess the starch inside the loop made the crochet very sharp. I finally settled on a thick fibre strand to tie them, and then dabbed glue on the knots.  I remain skeptical as to their structural integrity over time.

After that I just tied on a bunch of the different fibres that came in the bundle.  

Keeping up with the Works in Progress, I finally used the last metal ring I bought years ago to make one final doily dreamcatcher.  I was waiting for the paint to dry on another project, so I started wrapping the ring with synthetic sinew and floss.  

Initially this was going to be a celestial-themed dream catcher.  I had a moon in the center, but it just didn't seem to look right.  I saw a snowflake charm in the pile I'd dumped out on the table, and loved how that looked instead.  Then I sewed the crystal beads into the spaces and attached the doily to the ring with silver beads.  I finally had the brainstorm to use twisties to temporarily hold the doily in place in the center of the ring so that I could sew the bead loops on.  It only took me 3 of these to finally think of that solution....

Sewed some snowflake sequins w/ blue seed beads on blue ribbon for the bottom hanging part.


  1. Jojo, what an incredible idea for dream catchers making!i want to make such! just need to find some suitable ring.
    i liked the embellishments you used, very pretty snowflakes on the blue one.and those tied fibres, they give a "real" dream catcher look:)

  2. Anonymous12:24 PM

    I LOVE the blue one, but well done you on both of them :0)

  3. Mmmm...warm colours or cold colours, can't choose.

  4. I really like them both. Very pretty. I can't make my mind up which is my favorite. You are just way too good with crafts!


  5. Both Dream Catchers are very pretty! The snowflake looks great on it!
    Sandy ; )

  6. Very cute dream catchers, I really like the blue one.
    Everyday Inspired

  7. Loved catching up and seeing all your crafty endeavors. And those button flowers are terrific-you knew they'd be my favorites! Follow what you love & makes you smile...if you don't like it,don't do it.

  8. Lovely dreamcatchers! I forget their purpose: is it to catch the good dreams for you, so they come true, or is it to block the bad dreams before they hit you?