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August 31, 2012

Can't Make Just One

I just started making Beaded Driftwood Hangie Things (for lack of a better name).  The little one I posted a couple months ago was just a prototype of the larger sized ones I wanted to do.  

I have sooooo many leftover beads from prior projects and they have been accumulating by leaps and bounds over the years.  I call them my 'end of day' beads.  I decided to string them randomly for the hanger and the individual strands.  I also found a bunch of brass bells in my old tackle box that I bought in the 80s from Pier One in Hyannis and decided to use them for the large size hanging I did first.  

I was so excited to start this project that I failed to take my usual step by step photos.  But I started by measuring and drilling holes in the wood, then just started stringing the beads and ending them with bells on the bottom.  I also added 3 Chinese 'coins' on 3 of the strands.  

Here's the finished product.  This one is very heavy and I hope the pins and crimp beads hold.

Next I made a smaller one, since I still had tons of beads left.  Measured and drilled for the pins.

Putting the pins in for each strand and the hanger.

This one used the last 2 bells and a window crystal in the center.

Still have quite a few end of day beads left, so I need to go beachcombing for more driftwood!!!


  1. Anonymous12:24 PM

    Beautiful, as always :0)

  2. So Cool! I'd love to hang those from my front porch.

  3. Those are just so cute! :D so colorful!


  4. Give me a bunch of beads, and I'll give you...a bunch of beads back!

  5. Thanks everyone! :)