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January 27, 2012

Long Beach, Plymouth

Took yet another beachcombing trip, this time to Long Beach in Plymouth, on Jan. 18th.  It was a gorgeous day but quite cold with a biting wind.  Still, I soldiered on, in the interest of locating treasure.

My friend Deb quipped "someone please throw that poor wheelchair person a life preserver!"  lol

Very rocky at this beach.

I got there about an hour before dead-low tide, my fave time to hit the beach!

Happy dog is happy!

Galloping through the icy water.

There's that pink flare again.  Do you think my people are trying to beam me up?

There's a tiny chip of green beach glass in this tide pool.  It came home with me.

That's not Plymouth Rock sticking up in the water.  I wouldn't wanna run aground on it though.  Plymouth Light Station is on that point out in the bay.

Made some excellent beach scores!  So many beautiful quartz stones!

I am considering getting a rock polisher one of these days.

Really excellent haul of beach glass, even though the pieces are quite small, but no piece is refused.


  1. Anonymous12:26 PM

    Makes me long for summer - I wonder which day it'll fall on for the UK this year?! ;0)

  2. Other girls like diamonds, our JoJo is happy with pebbles and glass.

    Natural beauty for a natural beauty.

  3. I'm just a simple, low maintenance girl. :D

  4. Beautiful!

    I am so curious about how your doggie will act when he sees his old friend/rival. Please keep us all posted!

  5. PS: That will make a great blog post--you know we can't resist the pooches!