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August 27, 2011

Official Residency Has It's Perks

I finally sucked it up and went to the Registry of Motor Vehicles in Plymouth to get my MA drivers license and plates for the car.  I was first in line when they opened and it took almost an hour to do all the paperwork, but I'm officially a resident now.

Which means as a Cape Codder, I can use this little known, residents-only shortcut.  lol  ;D

Much to our chagrin, there really is no alternate route for residents to get on and off the Cape.  There is no tunnel under the Canal.  We must use the 2 bridges just like everyone else.  But this postcard, and the accompanying "permit stickers", are a very popular souvenir item.

I plan on getting the smaller version of that sticker for whenever I get a new vehicle.


  1. Do you have to pay for the pass?

    My residents' parking pass will be £120 a year from the next renewal - double what it was last year when they introduced it!

  2. Val, it's not really's just one of those things natives like to do to pull the tourists' legs. "Oh WE can use the tunnel...YOU must use the bridge." lmao

  3. soooooo, maybe, someday, they'll build a tunnel? if they can build that monstrosity in boston, why can't they do it beneath the canal?

  4. Anonymous1:02 PM

    It's nice to know you're now 'legal' - LOL!