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April 19, 2011

Let the Packing Begin!

Things are now underway and in full swing.  The house will be listed next week, and I've started to pack.  I decided to start with the most difficult rooms first, so I did the back room first.

When I shot this I noticed Pepper supervising from the doorway.

I have a lot of stuff.  Cool stuff, but man it's a pain to pack.

The footlocker is full of stuff too.  I've already cleaned it out once and I need to do it again now before I move it because it weighs a ton.

DVDs that still need to be divided.

Videotapes that also need to be divided.
Corkboard #1
Corkboard #2

First thing I did was take everything off the walls and pack up the knick knacks, after separating out what were Brian's things and what were mine, and what could be thrown away or donated.

Here's what it looked like after I finally finished packing up most of the stuff in this room.  These are my photo albums and scrapbooks and I have decided not to box them b/c they are just too heavy.  I will rope/tie 2-3 of them together at a time, and stack them like boxes in the PODS unit.  Not sure if I'll take that shelf unit but I do like's from IKEA. 

All my stuff is now boxed and a couple of them have been moved to the garage already.  We still have to divide the DVDs, VHS tapes, sports memorabilia and posters.  I will probably take the 2 smaller book shelves.
On to the next room!


  1. Anonymous10:18 AM

    Oh my goodness, what a job! I suppose there was a lot of memories that flooded back with packing up all your belongings. I've stuff I never look at until it's time to pack them to move. Why I hang on to most of the stuff is beyond me.

  2. Anonymous11:53 AM

    I don't think you realise how much 'stuff' you actually HAVE until you have to move it some place else ;0)

  3. And at least all I have to pack is MY stuff. My craft supplies are going to take up the majority of the boxes too. lol

    At least this gives me an opportunity to do some badly needed purging.

    Bev, you are right though, the memories are bittersweet. I think I'm operating on autopilot right now. lol

  4. I still haven't unpacked boxes from my last move 8 years ago!

  5. Wow! Can you come and clear my dining room and study for me, please?

  6. Damn, girl! That is a shit load of stuff, but I can see you and raise you....I feel kinda sad for you packing stuff you were so used to having in one place for so long, huh?

    Tess, I feel you there!! I have stopped unpacking most of my boxes, because I live in at least 4 places every year. It's become futile to do so.
    Jojo, honey, good luck with the rest of it!!!

  7. Packing and moving is the WORST! So overwhelming. But I also feel its cleansing to the soul to dig up old memories and dispose of those things that you no longer need to keep around. Good luck with the rest of it all!

  8. Anonymous6:16 PM

    Oh man, that's a lot of stuff there. I once toyed with the idea of having a site that I could name "Buy my shit" and have people post things to sell. Lord knows I have enough myself. When I moved from my apartment home, I threw and donated a lot of stuff. But, I still have a ton at home. I need to get inspired by you and just get rid of it once and for all. I love your "Mr. Bill" sitting on the shelf...Ooooooo, noooooo!

  9. YOW JOJO! Lots of stuff!!!

    I think there was a psychological thing happening there, where you collected stuff to make up for the things missing in your life.

    (psychiatric help 5 cents)