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May 11, 2010

I've Decided to Consider It "Art"

Some artists work in oils..........Others in watercolours.....
Sagan works in couch stuffing.

At least he's a minimalist.


  1. But will you be using the skill of reverse engineering to sew it up?Or will it be a lovely sofa cover?Check Big Lots-they have cheap stuff.I love Big Lots.

  2. Anonymous9:50 AM

    I'd imagine Sagan will be receiving an offer of vast sums of money from the Tate Gallery in London for his 'work' ;0)

  3. Well, they sell paintings by dolphins, elephants and apes, so why not this doggy creation?

  4. Oh it's OK, it's Sagan's couch anyway. And he doesn't actively pull on it. I thought about the sofa cover route but Sagie will think it's a new toy and will pull it off.

    I'm sure he won't receive large sums of money for his art till he's passed on, since most great artists are never appreciated during their lifetime. At which time the couch will be PRICELESS! ;p

  5. Oh, now THAT is skill! Sagan should be featured in Doggy Decor Weekly.
    (No, I just made it up)

  6. Sagan, long-crowned the enfant terrible of the art world, has, through his latest ontological oeuvre, transformed the so-called familiar sofa into something self-referential, stochastic, and yet at the same time mundane. One recalls the Dadaists and the soup cans of Andy Warhol, and one reflects on the normative paradigmatic shift of our hermeneutical age. There are those who will view the sofa as a didactic polemic, little more than a bete noire, still others who will see it as replete with a fertile esthetic, and others will want to burn themselves into a fiery crisp on national television, imitating (perhaps) the Buddhist monks of yesteryear, whose saffron-coloredrobes the sofa dowes not quite echo, in all their evanescent autarchy.

    The question remains:

    The sofa: a simple recherche into the lost carts de jeunesse, a Dumbo's feather that lets the viewer soar back to the lost folly of youth? Or a sine qua non of postmodern folly?

    This is what we ask ourselves.


  7. Axe - I REALLY like your idea of 'Doggy Decor Weekly'. Seriously! I bet there really would be a market for something like that!!

    Good lord WR!!! Did you get into the Jagermeister and thesaurus again???? lol Brian and I got a huge laugh out of your comment.

  8. I wonder what would he say/do if he knew you were bad rapping him all over the net? But don't we mothers complain, some time or another, about our children? Jo, you are toooooooooooo funny. Great post! Cheers!!