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May 8, 2010

Saturday Afternoon's Craft

I was going to do yardwork today, since it's finally sunny and dry, but I had a new papercut design I wanted to try, so guess what won out? ;-)

I printed this pattern off the internet. It was actually supposed to be a dual sided design, with the trees being reflected below, as in water. But I decided to make it a winter sunset scene instead, without the reflection. I started cutting a little after 12 Noon. After it was cut, I coloured the entire design with a black sharpie, both front and back, to hide the white paper that was still showing around the branches. Then I used spray adhesive to stick it to this pretty multicoloured paper. I finished at 2:30.


  1. Glad you put the yard work on hold! Beautiful job JoJo :)

  2. Thanks Tess! I'll take crafts any day over yucky yard work!

  3. Anonymous7:23 AM

    I started making a skirt in needlework class at school about 35 years ago.....nope, never did finish it!!

    Good job Jojo :0)

  4. This will last a lot longer than the results of the yard work, and it's much more fulfilling.

  5. Diane, just think, the skirt is probably back in fashion now so maybe you should finish it! lol

    Val - You got that right! ;P

  6. Off-topic, from another blog, re: flickers
    Have you tried a 'dummy' pedator owl/eagle placed along your house to deter the woodpeckers drilling your walls ? Might work, but could scare off all other birds too. :(

  7. We have some reflective hanging things that are supposed to deter the birds but neither of us is getting on the extension ladder to put them under the eaves. It's just too high up. We were gonna ask a handyman friend to do it for us but he's become a crack & coke head and we don't want him at our house anymore.

  8. Anonymous5:51 AM

    Never thought about it that way Jojo....wonder where I put it.....

  9. Beautiful.

    I wish we lived closer so I could watch you work the magic! Of course, it goes without saying I think it would be a festive visit.

  10. oh, thats beautiful

    i meanthe paper
    not the yard ;)

    i prefer messier yards anyway
    i dont like the manicuring

  11. Dear JoJo,

    Can you design something just for me please. I'll take anything your crafty mind comes up with. Please, please, please!!! I'll send you my address via snail mail. Hahahahaha. You are one terrific artiste!! Cheers!!

    P. S. I watch this show called She's Crafty. I love it. I was thinking maybe you should have your own show, too.