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November 14, 2009

Seasonal Dragons

I started these in June and worked on them during my lunch break all summer, finishing in September. Finally found frames I liked at Artco, so I framed them today. Click on the pics for a detailed view.

Spring. When I bought the kit, I had no idea it included beaded accents, so that was a nice surprise.
Fall. It's hard to see but there are sparkly blending-filament threads mixed in with the floss. It seems to show up best in the light orange areas.


  1. Anonymous6:36 AM


  2. Quality!

    I like!

    You've got the gift!!!

  3. I'd be really grateful if you'd apply your talents to the two unfinished tapestries and two dollhouse carpets I have to finish, 'cos I donbt I ever will :(

  4. So I finally got all cool like you and signed up for a blog lol. The dragons are awesome! I absolutely love dragon stuff, always have, always will. I think the winter one is my favorite. :D

  5. Thanks Diane and WR! Although I wouldn't say I "have the gift". I often wonder if cross stitch is the optimum medium for someone who is as bad in math as I am. I can't think of a single project I've done where I haven't had to rip out a huge portion and do it over again b/c I screwed it up so bad.

    Val - Are they cross stitch projects? If so, I'd love to do them for you!

    Siobhan - Welcome to Blogosphere!! It's fun and I wish I had more time to post the way I used to a few years ago. Dragon stuff is the best!

  6. One tapestry is, one is straight stitch. Can't even remember about the carpets!

    Frankly, they probably aren't even worth sending to you, especially as at least two of them have mistakes that I couldn't unpick...

  7. Winter & Summer are my favorites :-)
    Wow, Jojo, you really rock with this stuff!! Its so beautiful!

  8. my parents used to make tapestries too... they're absolutely beautiful jojo

    funny thing i was in the knitting section of john lewis this evening and fancied picking up the old needles again - must be a winter kinda thing

  9. OMG those are gorgeous! I love them. I paint ceramics and have a set of seasonal dragons...have not yet painted them because I keep changing my mind about their coloring. =)
    Nice work!

  10. hey mein Vetter lebt in tahoma

  11. These are awesome! Love the first one particularly.

    So jealous of you "crafty" types, LOL...I can't do this stuff worth a shit!

  12. Anonymous5:10 PM

    where did you get the kit from?