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November 25, 2008

Mutant Dog Toys II

A few months ago, I did a blog post about a couple of mutant dog toys I'd found at Safeway, one of our local grocery stores.

We named this guy "Poxy" because of his skin condition.

We call this guy "The Lion Thing" because I'm not quite sure what this legless, leopard spotted, lion-headed thing is supposed to be.

So I'm at Safeway last Saturday, and was picking up some chewstix in the pet aisle. I turned around to see if they had any good toys and I found 2 more from the Mutant Dog Toy Collection, so I had to get them.

Apparently these poor beasties seem to suffer from a genetic problem that renders them legless. With the exception of Poxy, none of them have legs. This li'l fella appears to be a raccoon suffering from severe hypothermia, right down to the tip of his ringed tail. We haven't quite settled on a name for it yet, but I've been calling him "Hypothermic Raccoonie Guy".

I'm open to suggestions on the species of this one. He has antlers, so is it a reindeer? Moose? Deer? Elk? I've never seen any of those animals with thick, long, ringed tails. Is he a cow? A bear with antlers and spots? Is it an okapi? A baby mountain tapir with a squished-in snout?

Haven't come up with a name for him yet, but I'm sure we'll think of something creative. As I said, I'm open to suggestions.


  1. my initial reaction was 'blue balls' for the first one, but so far I can't think of anything for number two

  2. I have NO idea what the second one is supposed to be. You could just call him Horny...

  3. I've got nothing for you, but if it was a toy for my dog it's name would be "cotton stuffing all over my living room within 8.5 minutes tops".

  4. LOL You guys!!!!! And believe me, I've done more than my fair share of dog toy repairs. We call it "Santa's Workshop". Sagan sits patiently, right in front of me, and watches me sewing his toys back together.

  5. The first one looks like...'I was supposed to be a racoon but something wicked happened along the way'! The second...Maybe a deformed cow? This is why I like cat toys. Fish, mice, birds, it's not complicated.

  6. Anonymous9:52 AM

    Does that poor critter in the bottom picture just have one leg that eminates from his tummy?!! Mutant Dog Toy indeed :0)

    I'm crap at names; they'd all have to be called something from a Vincent movie!

  7. Har! Now I must go check them out at Safeway myself one day...

    No names come to mind, but these do remind me of a bunch of stuffed toys at The Explorer Store that are "viruses". Yup. Stomach ache, Polio, E Coli.... very twisted.

  8. okapi?

    what the hell is that?

    they may be "mal-formed" but all stuffed animals are worthy of love...

    so, i would NOT give any stuffed animals to loganne

  9. Oh no worries, all stuffed toys are loved in this house. When I was very, very little, I promised Santa that I'd always take the misfit toys (that scene in "rudolph" reduces me to tears every time, even as an adult) and love them all. So the mutant dog toys, while being a bit hard to identify, are welcome here. :D

  10. lol@the name poxy...haha.

    You need to submit these to the Dear Teddy blog.

    And leave it to Val to come up with Horny for the name of a toy! ahahahaha!

  11. LOL! They all look so funny! Who the hell makes these toys anyway?

  12. they look like the animals on an episode of kim possible that are made by bad girl DNAmy!

  13. you crack me up! I love the mutant dog toys! Great job with the names. Maybe you can call the last one the 'mad cow disease'