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March 14, 2008

Sagan's 3rd Birthday "Pawty"

Our teeny tiny little puppy guy, Sagan, turned 3 on March 12. We take him to doggie day mean "canine activity program" at Sumner Vet each Wednesday, so it happened to coincide with his birthday. I brought a disposable camera and asked the tech, Sam, if he could take some pics of Sagie on his birthday. They laughed and Sam said sure, he'd love to. Everyone at Sumner Vet loves Sagie, by the way, especially Sam. Boopy goes into full body and butt wag when Sam comes through the door to take him inside when I drop him off in the morning

When Brian picked him up and brought him home, he told me that the techs had a "pawty" for him. They blew up balloons and made hats. I got the pictures developed today! Sagan sez, "Chicks dig me!" He can't get enough lovin', this dog. I always knew that German shepherds were nice dogs, but I had no idea how unbelievably sweet and affectionate they are too. And goofy. But when he wants to turn it on and be the "guard dog", he does it in a flash.

Who's a handsome boy in his birthday crown?

And in a silly hat.

nom nom nom nom nom

"Can I get a scritch over here?!"

"Gee your butt smells terrific!"



    That is soooo fucking CUTE!!!

  2. happy birthday, sagan

    what a fun place...

    the pix are adorable.

  3. Yes, clearly both of our dogs are abused and neglected....NOT!

  4. Anonymous4:15 PM

    Belated Happy Birthday wishes to the not-so-little 'puppy'!

  5. Happy birthday, handsome puppy! Three years old! What a charmer.

    JoJo, you may be the last person on the Blogosphere to utter the words "I got the pictures developed." I didn't know, in this digital age, that people even did that any more...

  6. DP - LOL!!! I do still use film from time to time. I was afraid Fred Meyer might have stopped doing film, but they still have the one hour film processing.

  7. What a beautiful boy! Hey, that makes him a Pisces like me. No wonder he's so sweet, heh, heh.
    btw -I still use film too with my old Nikon upon occasion.

  8. Anonymous9:30 PM

    Happy Birthday Sagan and many, many more of them too. Those pictures are adorable of him having his pawty. so sweet and so cute too!

  9. Anonymous8:50 AM

    German Shepherds are the BEST.

  10. What a handsome birthday boy!

  11. Happy Birthday Sweet Boy :)

  12. Anonymous9:50 PM


    happy Birthday, Sagan. Youz a bigz boyzz nows, hums?!?