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December 26, 2007

Phew! Glad That's Over With!

We actually had a lovely, relaxing holiday weekend. I spent about 4 days in my jammies and it was awesome. We usually go out on Xmas Eve for dinner, but this year we ordered 2 deli trays from Safeway which were delivered on the 24th. One was all veggies and the other, Italian meats and cheeses. It was excellent and boy do we have leftovers!

Here's my happy girl, Pepperbeanieweenie, all excited because she's gotten new toys and treats!

Santa was here!!

We must've been good this year!

The doggies were good for the most part but they couldn't help get excited over the change in routine and all the new smells. We were trying to unwrap some treats in their stockings (I swear, cars should be made as indestructible as the shrink wrap on dog treats!) , but Pepper thought we weren't moving fast enough, so she snatched Sagan's stocking right off my lap and dragged it onto her bed. We cracked up.

This is the Yule Log that is broadcast on TV every Dec. 25th, from 5:00 am to 9:00 am. I wish they'd broadcast it till at least 10, but I guess they are catering towards families with children that get up o'darkthirty.It was adorable watching the doggies "help" unwrap their toys. Not so adorable when they'd help US unwrap OUR stuff though! lol

"I has a big bone!"
"I has one too!"There were a few dustups over the new toys of we see Pepper with the penguin and red fuzzy google-eye ball, but later in the day, those somehow migrated onto Sagan's bed.
Brian was quite pleased with this t-shirt I got him, to commemorate the new South Lake Union Trolley in Seattle. Metrotransit prefers "South Lake Union Streetcar" but "Ride the SLUT" is the moniker that has managed to stick. A local musician even wrote a song for it too.

"I'm dreaming of a white Crissmiss...." And how surprised were we to see that the meteorologists were actually right for a change, and it did indeed snow yesterday afternoon for about 45 minutes before changing to rain!

Still, it accumulated a little bit, so it counts as a white crissmiss.

It really came down there for awhile! Communities up north of Seattle, closer to the "Puget Sound Convergence Zone" got more snow, and of course the mountains got pounded again with another 2'. Glad we didn't have to drive anywhere!!

A serene winter scene, looking at the snow out our livingroom window.
Santa was extremely good to us again this year. My mother in law gave me a smoky topaz ring that belonged to her mother. Topaz is my birthstone. I started to cry of course, being the mushpot that I am....I never in a million years expected a family heirloom from Brian's family to be given to me.
Brian got me:
Loads of beads & lottery scratch tickets (only won $24)
Gorgeous craft paper
DVD's of: "The Wedding Singer" , "The Great Rock & Roll Swindle" (Sex Pistols movie) and
"Shattered City: The Halifax Explosion"
Remote control jousting knights (my high school was the Sandwich Blue Knights)
Leonardo the Monster who couldn't scare anyone stuffed toy and accompanying book
Rescue Pets puppy (similar to Webkinz)
Interactive Mythology book
Interactive Wandmakers book with wand.
I got him:
DVD's of: "The Bourne Ultimatum", "OZ: Season 2", special edition "Dawn of the Dead" and "Boondock Saints" (thanks for the tip on that one, Axe!)
A Countdown to Bush Being Out of Office calendar
A book of funny dog cartoons
Ride the SLUT shirt
Batik Jerry Garcia shirt
Digital scale (for ammo reloading)
A set of pepperoni-type meats in buffalo, elk & venison
A Golden Mic statue, since he's my fave rave radio host.

All in all, a fantastic day. Today, I'm going to take down the decorations and try to weed out some old videotapes we no longer need in order to make room for our growing collection of DVD's. Back to work tomorrow, but then I'm off half day on Wednesday and half day on New Years Eve.


  1. Sounds like you had a great time. It's lovely to see the furkids enjoying their toys. Cats are perverse when it comes to toys, and mine have all outgrown them anyway (much better to hunt in the garden, though they rarely catch anything, thank goodness).

  2. Sounds great Jojo!I got your gift...both Michael and my books are grareful...they both hate it when I dog ear pages!Now WHAT shall I do in'll have to wait and see I suppose;)!

    Glad you had a nice holiday,hope it continues well after the new year!

  3. Anonymous2:43 PM

    Looks like you had a great time too. I always think Christmas decorations lose their 'sparkle' once the main day is over, but mine will be in situ until New Years Day and I'm on holiday until the 8th - Whoopppeeee! Oh, sorry, Jojo, you're back to work tomorrow - ahem!

  4. Sounds like you had a great day! (Visiting from Aiko Annie's.)

  5. Looks and sounds like you and your family had a great holiday Jojo. I bought my kitties new toys, they've already abandoned them for old ping pong balls.

  6. Your furkids are so cute. Ours got rawhide chews and the cats got catnip toys. The guinea pig got special alfalfa balls.

  7. looks like quite a haul, for all.
    love the t-shirt~i saw those whilst in seattle last month!

  8. Looks and sounds like you had a great day,all 4 of you :-)

    My cats aren't the slightest bit interested in the new stuff they got..which is actually pretty normal for them.This time next year they'll love them of course LOL

  9. Wow, Jojo, sounds like a great one!
    Let me know what both of you think of Boondock....its one of my all time faves!!!

    You got a wand making book? How cool! I bought myself a Witchcraft book of spells and in it they also tell you to make your wand. I can't wait to get started on mine!

    Brian looks very chuffed with his S.L.U.T. T-shirt. Ha-ha!
    ...and the canines!! Love 'em !

    Have a great New Years, if I don't speak to you, okay?

  10. looks like you all had a great time. i luv that word furkids, too cute, and that shirt is just pain hilarious!

  11. ya know, ya can really tell what a person is like by the way they treat their pets:

    you and brian are wonderfully wacko!! so nice that you include the animals in you holidays. loganne received lotsa chew toys which are all now missing and grandma sent her this disc thing for being thrown and fetched. it, too, is now missing. Hope that your holiday good feelings carry over into 2008!!!

  12. Happy Holidays!! Kiss Pepper and Sagan for me!

    Now let me go before my mom busts me on her laptop. AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!