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December 29, 2007


I'm totally whoo-hooing here, because I FINALLY WON! After MONTHS of losing out on many Vincent shirts on eBay, usually because the bids went over my budget, I FINALLY won a VDO shirt!!! For only $61.00!!!!! That's all I wanted.... one shirt at a reasonable bid. What a great way to end the year, eh?

When I checked eBay earlier this week, I showed Brian this shirt that was available. He looked at it and quipped, "So do you guys call that one 'The Black Wifebeater of Hotness'???" I cracked up laughing so hard. Everytime I mention TBTSOH, he usually rolls his eyes, so I thought it was pretty quick of him to come up with a name for this shirt. Then he told me yesterday he kind of wanted me to win the auction because he coined the name.

Now, does anyone know what film or show he might have worn this in? It doesn't look like something Goren wore. Perhaps Charley from "Crooked Hearts"? I don't remember Bill wearing a shirt like this in "Mystic Pizza". Did Carl Stargher wear one? Valentino maybe?

Val? Eliza? Tess & Diane? Can anyone venture a guess?


  1. I wondered that when I looke d at it, JoJo. I "won" a Nike sleeveless t-shirt a while back, and have no idea what that was from, but it had a Goren tag on it. Do you have yours yet, does it have a tag? If it is Goren, well we all know that not all scenes make it into the final cut. As long as it's been next to his skin...

  2. I just won this morning. I'll let you know if there's a tag on it when it arrives!!!

    BTW, do you guys in Europe call men's sleeveless tshirts "wifebeaters"? That's what they are called in the states. Horrible name though!!!

  3. i wanna sniff it...maybe you can send it on a cross-country sniff-a-thon? sorta like they do with the stanley cup?

  4. Its not a Stargher shirt, babe. I should know...he is my fave character and I've studied every frame...Ha-ha!
    If it was, though, I would sell Ivan to buy it from you ;-)

    Be sure to try it on when you get it, okay hon? Tell us what it feels like.

  5. "wifebeaters!?" i have never heard that, but can see how it got the name. what brian said is too funny, very fitting! congrats again:)

  6. yay Jojo!I wish the sold more than pieces from Rosenbaum's wardrobe.I guess they won't get enough money from Armani suits to sell them in one piece.You can get pieces of shirts,that's it!I want the whole thing!

    At least I can fit into VDO's clothes,Rosenbaum is lanky...but I COULD sleep with it.

  7. Congratulations Jojo..never managed to win one myself,but I have felt his trousers thanks to Val :-)

    Could be from Thumbsucker,I guess..he does some athletic stuff in that.Or,as Val said,something for LOCI that ended up on the cutting room floor....

    Enjoy it!!

  8. Congratulations Jojo! Have to say I have No idea where/when Vincent may have worn it. Why don't they tell you where it's from?

  9. Anonymous2:12 PM

    I don't remember a sleeveless BTOH in anything to be honest. Of course, if Vincent had a jacket or shirt on over it, we can't see the sleeves anyway....

    Congratulations anyway hon!

  10. I thought wifebeaters were more like a tanktop. Anyway, that's cool Jojo! Lucky you. Hopefully it will come with a tag telling you what it's from.