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December 15, 2007

I couldn't resist....

OK I know I could've done a better job with this picture in terms of the background crap, but I'll crop it for the scrapbook. You have NO idea what it took to get them to pose like this. I had a handful of treats and they were quivering with anticipation and they kept looking at my hand. I shot about 4, and this was the best one. Pepper looks murderous in this one, doesn't she? "I'm gonna get you for this mommy..."

I have reindeer antlers, but neither doggie likes them and I figured there was no way they'd sit still with them on so I just used their fancy Crissmiss collars.


  1. Oh My God!!!! Well, Pepper does look a little pissed off but they're SO cute.

    Merry Christmas Babies :)

  2. These are abviously two severely mistreated animals terrified of their owner and desperate to please so that she doesn't beat them and starve them any more. Oh, the cruelty of it. ;)

  3. Anonymous5:59 PM

    Hey jojo,

    I bought Ruff the cutest little leaash with jingle bells on it and he chewed them all off in a week-
    what ya gonna do?

  4. No self respecting dog wants to wear fake reindeer antlers, come on! Pepper was just squinting at you, daring you to try that shit again, LOL!
    My doggie friend Maggie the Pomchi has a little pink dress outfit thingy her 'mom' got her. I told her not to even bring that to my house when they go on vacation.

  5. Precious pups! My doggies aren't down with the antler-thingies either.

  6. oh, we've just got to get our dogs together..just think of the stories they'll have to share! ("my mom makes me wear this blue t-shirt during football season for u of m, when i'd rather wear red since i'm buckeye fan!)

    your babies look the tongue hanging out!

  7. how cute are they!? have they ever gotten their pic taken w/ santa? j hear some people make their pets sit on santas lap (haha!!)

  8. Hi guys!

    There's no way either of them would sit still for Santa. I was lucky to snap these 4!! Sagan's always up for anything, hence the big smile. Pepper, on the other hand, cannot stand being posed for photos (as you can see by the look on her face).

  9. Well,I'm with Pepper on that.I stil have had no luck getting four dogs to sit still for a photo!Will they SLEEP in a group photo,sure!