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July 3, 2007

I've been tagged by KOTGD

Over at Mark's blog, I found out I have been tagged to list 8 facts/habits about myself, and I gotta tell ya, I'm having a really hard time coming up with 8 things you guys don't already know. My life is an open book. Hmmm........let's see.

1. When I was a kid, I couldn't turn off my bedroom light without first making sure that everything in my room was in it's place. My records had to be put away, clothes hung up, school books stacked neatly on my desk, all supplies put away in my desk. When I was satisfied, I would turn off the light. This habit continued through high school. ("paging Dr. Dwyer....")

2. My mom said I had a doll that I named "Riti", after "Rita" on "Peyton Place". I ripped the head off it and used to carry the head around by the hair. Mom said it was pretty gruesome when she'd get me in my crib and I'd be standing up, holding the head in one hand, with my other hand on the crib rail, grinning maniacly. She called my pediatrician in tears. I guess I knew then that I never wanted to have children.

3. First time I colored in a coloring book, mom said I picked up a black crayon and scribbled wildly all over the page. She called my pediatrician in tears.

4. Growing up as an only child in a remote & lonely part of town, my stuffed animals have always been my friends. They all have different personalities; I'd recite the day's events to them each night (found out later that my parents and any other relatives that were present would listen at the bottom of the stairs, trying not to laugh). I used to play cards and Monopoly with them (and I didn't cheat either). One night my mom heard me hysterically laughing when I was supposed to be sleeping. She called up to me to go to sleep to which I replied, "Trax just told me a funny joke". Trax is my well worn and much beloved stuffed horse that I got for Easter when I was 7. She called my pediatrician in tears.

5. I fell off the school slide in 6th grade and fracture my left wrist. This was 1976, so no, we didn't sue the school for not having a padded surface on which to fall.

6. I got a concussion at the Barnstable County Fair after trying to go down one of those slides with the bumps, on a burlap sack. I started sliding b/f I was ready & sitting upright, and my head bounced off every one of those bumps on the slide. The crowd laughed at me. I was hurt and humiliated. Not much luck with slides, eh?

7. I was on "Entertainment Tonight" in September, 1989, on the way in to a free Bob Weir/Rob Wasserman & Jefferson Airplane concert in Golden Gate Park. You had to bring canned food to drop off in order to get in to the show. ET stopped us to ask us questions, and the show aired that following Monday. We didn't tell anyone b/c we never thought it would be shown, but we received a ton of phone calls from friends and family who did see it.

8. I share my birthday with Jimi Hendrix and Caroline Kennedy.

I am tagging those listed below, to participate, or not!

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  1. Anonymous12:20 PM

    Job well done, Jojo! I did not know the first few thngs about you, but I can certainly picture you doing those things! Everytime I read your mom called the pediarician in tears, I'd burst out laughing! Especially the headless doll! Too funny! Every little kid beheads dolls eventually- you were just ahead of the learning curve!I don't suppose you have headless doll photos- do you?

  2. No, I think she was afraid to take a picture of it. hahaha I think Dr. Anderson told her that the doll was prolly too heavy for me and that's why I'd pulled the head off. It was one of the first dolls that "walked" if you held it's hands. He also told her that kids always pick up black crayons first, and it was normal for an only child to have pretend that my stuffed toys were real.

  3. Just think, JoJo, if the paediatrician had been more of an interventionist, you might be normal today :)

  4. jojo,I laughed myself silly at the headless doll...sounds perfectly normal to me...which either says something about me or my kids,not sure which :-)

  5. You and your mom kept the pediatrician busy. I don't think I ever mutilated my dolls, but my brother loved to tear out my teddy bears eyes!

  6. Tess - your poor teddy bears!!!
    :( As you can see, I still have a very soft spot for stuffed toys.

  7. oh that's great!! you're too funny! your poor mother... and i'm with tess, i never took the heads off, but my brother did just to torture me with them.

  8. LOL!!! Funny stuff!

  9. and you've stopped talking to your stuffed animals?? i just told my stuffed animals and they're really upset about it.

    as usual, funny stuff

  10. "I share my birthday with Jimi Hendrix and Caroline Kennedy."

    How do THEY feel about that???


    Fun stuff, JoJo, thanks for playing.

  11. LOL Your mum seems to have spent a lot of time on the phone to the paediatrician in tears, my mum just quietly tore out her hair, still does from time to time...

  12. your pediatrician sure had a hard time with you, didn't he? *lol*
    and, did it help any?