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February 12, 2007


And that would be the sound of the other shoe dropping.

As most of you know, my job's been in a bit of flux since the fall, when one of my bosses was appointed as a Court Commissioner. Steve was all gung-ho to get someone in here to rent Robyn's office. However, with the holidays, he kept putting off his decision. I haven't inquired as to what his plans are because I prefer to play Cleopatra Queen of Denial. Steve's whole thing is that as long as we have enough money to operate for another month, then we are OK.

Well today, when he went to Court, my coworker told me that she overheard him making arrangements to have lunch with some people from a large firm in downtown Tacoma, since one of their partners retired and one of the lawyers there has been after Steve to talk to them. This lunch is taking place tomorrow. I, of course, went into weeping mode, and promptly called my doctor to have her increase the anti-depressants that I've been weaning off of for the past 2 weeks (and unsuccessfully too, I might add).

If he takes the job, chances are I will be left out in the cold because staff will be provided for him. I love this job and I do not want to have to leave. I love my boss, my work, the flexible schedule, casual dress code, etc. This job is not "just a paycheck" for me. I don't mind looking for work when it's on my terms, but when my hand is forced, I do not deal with it well. Of course if I'm laid off I can draw unemployment, and I would like to take a little bit of time off because I've been working steadily since I graduated from college nearly 21 years ago. The most time I've ever taken off was about a month when we moved to California and again when I lost a job in early 2001, shortly before I started here.

So think good thoughts for me because I really need them.


  1. Gee Jojo....that just sucks!I will sen positive thoughts your way for sure.Things will work out,chin up...

  2. Sending positive vibes across the airwaves and my 6th sense tells me IF he goes he takes you with him...

  3. aw, i wish you the best of luck hun! you never know what this lunch might mean. and like you said, even if you get laid off you have that time to just breathe. it's nice trust me. think positive thoughts jojo! <3

  4. I add my good wishes to the mix. There may be a good lesson from the universe yet to be had. Deep breath. Have faith that all will be well and you will have the strength to face whatever comes your way.
    YOU CAN DO IT!!!

  5. JoJo-I am sorry to hear that. I will think about you and wish that he takes you along. It is not easy being faced with what you are going through. You'll be in my thoughts.

  6. Sending positive thoughts your way Jojo.....

  7. Anonymous10:35 PM

    FYI: Her co-worker wasn't exactly truthful and everything is going to be OK.

  8. Good people land on their feet so I know you will! Positive thoughts on the way.