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November 1, 2006

"Saw" mask - $45.00
Second hand black blazer - $6.99
Red fabric to make bow tie - $2.50
Hearing the piercing shriek of a young girl rip the cold Halloween night air - Priceless.

We got only one group of 8 kids last night; they looked to be about junior high school age. Our house is a split level, so Brian waited in the family room in his costume, looking out the window which faces the driveway and stairs to the front door. I was on the landing at the door giving out the candy. As I was handing out candy to the last 2 kids, I heard a very shrill scream from one of the kids. It was so loud you could hear it echo throughout our neighborhood. As I shut the door and turned back around, I saw Brian staggering into the hallway downstairs, mask in one hand, other hand over his stomach, laughing so hard he wasn't making a sound except to try to breathe. I was laughing pretty hard by that time too. He said the look of shock and horror on her face was absolutely hilarious and she jumped a mile when she turned around and saw him standing in the window. It was the kind of hair-raising scare that almost makes you pee your pants.


  1. you stinkers... that poor child LOL

  2. If only I could go to work like that!

  3. I love it!! Wish I'd thought of doing that,might have had some candy left for me that way

    Eliza xxxxxx