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October 31, 2006

Tagged by Eliza this time!

I've been tagged to do T by Eliza.....and I suppose anything starting with "the" doesn't count, eh?

"Talk Talk" by Talk Talk. I saw them open for the Psychedelic Furs in Boston in 1984; they were great! ("Talk Talk Talk" was also the name of the Furs' 3rd album. )

"Tiny Dancer" Sir Elton John. Some people I know actually thought the lyrics were, "Hold me closer Tony Danza". Now, of course, I can't sing it any other way.

"Telephone Line" by ELO, one of my all time fave rave bands; I had such a crush on Jeff Lynne & Bev Bevan. And Richard Tandy. OK, so basically I had a crush on the whole band.

"TSOP" by MFSB aka "The Sound of Philadelphia" by MotherFatherSisterBrother. This came out in about 1974 and you'd all remember it if you heard it. Great horns and strings, featured on "Soul Train" a lot.

"TV is King" by the Tubes.


  1. I like your choices :)

    hope you had a bit of fun doing these,I know I did!

    Eliza xxxxx

  2. I had a blast doing them!!!