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November 13, 2006

Name Dropping 101

Val's challenged us to drop some names of famous people with whom we've rubbed shoulders. I am admittedly a "Star Collector" (song by the Monkees about a girl who collects autographs, but it's not a very complimentary song), so I've met and/or seen a lot of famous people, so I'll just include the biggies.

I met the Clash backstage at the Cape Cod Coliseum in August, 1982. They were in town on the "Combat Rock" tour and we just made ourselves as quiet and inconspicuous as possible, and when the crowd thinned out, the Clash's manager at the time, Cosmo Vinyl, let people in to meet them. Ellen Foley was there, hanging all over Mick Jones and glowering at all the women. It was Joe's birthday and we all told him "happy birthday" as he signed autographs. I met Elvis Costello backstage at the Cape Cod Coliseum in the summer of 1983, on the "Punch the Clock" tour. He signed my ticket stub and concert program.
Robert Urich's "Spencer for Hire" was filmed in Boston, when I was at Emerson College. A lot of kids from Emerson would end up as extras on the show. One day, me and my friend Ellen cut a bunch of classes to watch them shoot a scene on Charles Street, where they blew up a car. It was really cool! After the scene was over, Mr. Urich signed autographs for everyone.
The Saul Zaentz Company/Fantasy Records was a client of the first law firm I worked for. My boss at the time, Malcolm Burnstein, was SZC's former in-house counsel and when he went on his own, they stayed on as clients. We were involved in a great deal of litigation against John Fogerty although I never met him. But one year Mal took me to SZC for a tour and I watched them editing "The English Patient". As a side note, Mal Burnstein was the lead counsel for the students arrested during the Free Speech Movement in Berkeley in the 60's. I was VERY fortunate to have worked for him.
And the crown jewel of my autograph collection, Bob Weir & Jerry Garcia from the Grateful Dead. We met them at a benefit in June of 1990, in San Francisco. I was so nervous to talk to them, but I plucked up my courage, introduced myself, shook their hands and got their autographs.


  1. Anonymous2:45 PM

    I've met Keanu Reeves (nice guy, very shy - just like the D'evine One) and Bono and I waved at each other through a fence in Germany a few years back. That's about it - of course, the 'dream meet' is Mr D'Onofrio...

  2. I would die happy if I could meet The Big D!!

  3. Anonymous8:40 PM

    Okay, I've hung with the guys from Madina Lake (That was hot! No, wait, emphasis- HOT! Oh man.) They chatted with me, and all signed my CD, and then the bass player who had flirted with me all night (remind me to tell you about the H2O and guitar pick) from the stage gave me a huge hug. :D Ooh rah. I hope to do that again.

    And then Clay Aiken read my sign when he was around last year.

    Was there anyone else? Hmmm... I don't remember.

  4. I answered this on Vals blog.The thing with me is,although i may see famous people out and about in Oxford,I can never remember their names until it's too late.Of course,if Mr D ever decides to film in Oxford,I'm pretty sure I'd remember his anme,and make a complete fool of myself too

    Eliza xxxxx

  5. Oh sure - I can't get "anonymous" to give ME a massage, but he'd massage Emmy Rossum. ;D

  6. Oh sure - I can't get "anonymous" to give ME a massage, but he'd massage Emmy Rossum. ;D

  7. lets see, i was neighbors with Greg Allman,he was married to Janice Blair at the time. i have met many many Country Music artists, i went to FanFair in Nashville 3 year straight. i will have to put the pics on my blog sometime, (Megan makes nice bait....that is a joke, but she enjoyed meeting them all!) met the Outlaws, they skinny guy from roadtrip..EJ from the 1st american idol, he went to school with my son. oh greg and marsha from the brady bunch! paul newman and tom cruise...well didnt meet them but years back they were racing in Atlanta, and came into a bar i was at, bought a round of drinks for everyone. if anyone watches drag racing, i know the Professor, Warren Johnson, and his son Kurt...i am sure i will think of more...Stephen King, was teaching at u of maine while i was there...some of these are a real stretch!

  8. Hey, you all actually met these people, so you beat me hands down. Mine are mostly by proxy (except the opera singers, and no-one knows them).

    I recently discovered that my vet used to look after Paul and Linda McCartney's creatures. And Paul was quoted in a national newspaper mentioning my best friend's brother, whom he had never got round to meeting, and who had just died.