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July 25, 2006

Fort Bragg & Mendocino

These are 2 of my favourite places in the world. The first photo is of Mendocino, on the Northern California coast. It's a very cool town, with lots of awesome shops and gorgeous old homes. Mendocino was the setting for the TV show "Murder She Wrote", and served as Monterey in James Dean's "East of Eden". Vincent D'Onofrio fans will recognize it from "Dying Young". The next photo is of the rocky Mendocino County coast, and the 3rd photo is of the top of the old Masonic Hall.

Just up Highway 1 about 7 miles is Fort Bragg, where my husband and I used to stay. It was "our place" whenever we wanted to get away (about a 2-3 hour drive north from San Francisco). The sunset photo of Noyo Harbor is the exact view we had from our hotel room at The Wharf. The bridge over the Harbor is Highway 1, which stretches from far Southern California to north of Fort Bragg, at Leggett, when it joins Hwy. 101.

The next photo is taken from the bridge, looking down at Noyo. The Wharf Hotel is in the center of the photo, and as you can see, the hotel is built over the water on pilings. Each room has a small deck and it was very relaxing to watch the boats coming and going, or watch the harbor seals playing.

The last photo is of my favourite place in Fort Bragg, Glass Beach. It was an old bottle and glass dump and now is a treasure trove of beach glass. My very first trip to Glass Beach, I was so greedy that my camera fell out of my pocket and broke and I didn't even care. I had so much glass stuffed in my jean pockets that the pockets ripped and I split the side seam of the pants. That trip has now gone down in history as "The Greedy Grab at Glass Beach". I have jars full of the cool beach glass and bits of pottery and ceramics I found.


  1. Oh, look at the color of that water! Living in a land-locked state like Nebraska I can only imagine!

    Beautiful photos jojo.

  2. wow... absolutely breathtaking

  3. You took the words out of my mouth, Ann.