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July 25, 2006

Bad Cop, No Donut!

Blast and botheration!

I was thisclose to calling in to work today, tell my bosses I needed a mental health day. They both know I've been kicking it around, taking a day off that is. But no. I decide to come to work. And what happens? I get pulled over for speeding on Highway 16!!! I was allegedly going 61 in a 45. If ever there was a time I wished Bobby Goren was real and I had one of his courtesy badges, it was today, "why yes, my boyfriend is Detective Robert Goren..."

"You may want to think twice about giving my best girl a ticket, officer."

So my day has started off pretty damn shitty and I'm SO not in the mood to be here. The one good thing is that I work for lawyers, and Steve has a great record for getting clients out of speeding tickets. I have yet to see him come back from Court unsuccessful. Steve noticed that the cop didn't have me sign the "acknowledgment of receipt" so that will probably work as the technicality to get me off. I even asked the cop if I was supposed to sign it and he said "no."

It's not the cost of the ticket that pisses me off; $153 is some cash, but it's the auto insurance that's gonna go sky high. I haven't had a ticket since 1995 when we lived in California. Brian got one up here but they let him do "diversion" where he pays the fine but is put on a kind of probation, where he can't get another ticket for 5 years or else it'll be reported to our insurance. I'm hoping that is what will happen to me.

And all I can think while I'm sitting there is that one of our friends is going to drive by on her way to work (up the street from me), see me pulled over and send my hubby a "guess who I saw" email before I even got a chance to tell him myself!!!


  1. sorry to hear of your plight... some cops are just so mean... I thought the idea of a speed limit was to exceed it ... hmmmmm

    lotsa luv ann xxxxx

  2. Oh you have a had a bad day. I live by one of the local high schools......Teenage drivers going well over the speed limit, but do you ever see a cop around there?....NO!

  3. Who pulls the cops over for speeding. In my neck of the woods, they sound their sirens all night long - illegal. They go on jollies all night on the helicopter, which is worse than planes, which are not allowed to fly over us at night. I once wrote to the Home Secretary about it, about who polices the police over these things. He didn't bother to reply. (Too busy covering his ass over a pregnant mistress).